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The End of EQOA

Some might say the game was dead a long time ago... but SoE has decided to finally shut down the everquest online adventure servers.


For many this was the first MMORPG they ever played. It was my first mmo and as how that usually goes, it was my favorite. I played in from 2003-2005 and just bought a used ps2 for like 30 bucks to play it again last saturday. Well today they officially signed its life away. It will be missed by me and its close community. I guess im just glad I got one last stab at it.


  • pusciferpuscifer Member Posts: 2

    I knew this day was coming and its still so sad. RIP my favorite game of all time :(

  • X-PorterX-Porter Member Posts: 229

    This really is sad news to me.

    EQOA was my first MMO as well, and nothing ever really compares to your first. Played that game for hours on end. I used to set my alarm clock and get up in the middle of the night to make sure I got the winning auction bid on the item I wanted :)

    So many great in-game friends; Karldagerman, Ceyguy, Kurgan, Densatu, Bythor... good times.

    On the upside, with Station Access Garenn can log in one last time and say goodbye. ;(

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,866

    thanks for the info - I never played this but always been curious about it

  • CasualMakerCasualMaker Member UncommonPosts: 862

    Originally posted by Nadia

    thanks for the info - I never played this but always been curious about it

    Me, too. I only wish I had not waited until January to check it out, since I could have played free* most of last year.

    * Station Pass account, I still needed to buy a game machine and disc.

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