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How to Assign Points for Professions in Shaiya

DorayangDorayang Member Posts: 1

In the normal difficulty mode, when your character reaches level 2, there will be 5 free attribute points for you to assign. The character attribute points are:

STR: Physical attack power and physical attack strength. Warrior and archer need it to increase attacks.

REC: Defense and HP value. The upper limitation of added HP value seems to be 1 attribute point + 5 HP points.

INT: Magic attack. If you only add the INT, you will find that your HP is not enough after level 12.

WIS: Increase the MP upper limitation. Priests mainly assign points in it.

DEX: Dodge and SP value. This is an auxiliary attribute. The higher DEX players have, the higher HP recovery amount players could do for others.

LUC: hit crit


Every profession will improve one attribute point of related profession after upgrading one level, and other attributes do not increase. For example, fighter will increase one point in STR after leveling up; guardian will increase one point in REC after upgrading; assassin will increase one point in DEX; archer’s LUC points increase one after leveling up; mage have INT +1 and priest have WIS +1 after upgrading.


Under normal situation, warriors’ point assignment is REC +2, STR +2 and DEX +1, and it is enough to add DEX to 35. Warriors have the skill of increasing hit rate; then REC +3, STR +2 or REC +2, STR +3; when upgrade to about level 35, the physical defense should be around 115. No matter you do solo or make teach to complete tasks, this warrior is both excellent, though it is a little tired in the premier period.


For fighters, they are mainly three methods to assign points: STR +4, DEX +1; STR +4, REC +1; or STR +3, DEX +1, REC +1. The first one is suitable for players who also play priest, because high DEX could improve the dodge and hit rate; the second method is not recommended; the last one is suitable for players who love playing alone.

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