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A random thought

xS0u1zxxS0u1zx Member Posts: 209

Ok so I'm sitting at work bored out of my head.   During this time i'm thinking of what game I should play that would be unique and fun, then it occured to me.   What if they made a game in which the only way you can complete it, is by killing yourself in the end.   Of course if I actually gave it any real thought I would easily see the lame boredom in it and the flaws, but as a random thought it kind of blew my mind.



  • xS0u1zxxS0u1zx Member Posts: 209

    Also, now that I come to think of it.  I think the only reason why MMO's and games alike have preset move types and animations is because of the controller/keyboard/mouse limitations.   If they were to bring real live action motion controls into the mmo world, where your movements base your actions.   Think of The legend of Zelda Skyward Sword but improved more and with even better motion accuracy, I think it would completely change the way we play games.  There would be no need for levelling as the real purpose of levelling is to get stronger preset skills where it's up to you to find the rotation that fits your needs.  Instead you physically act out each of the motions so it becomes real skill = power instead of gear+skill+level= power.


    I think this just might into a random thought thread, post your random thoughts and views.

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