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PS Vita Cheap Price

newkidznewkidz Member Posts: 19

hello guys! I just wondering is there any sites beside amazon that offering PS vita with cheap prices! :)

cause I want PS vita for my little brother as a birthday gift image

I am really appreciates if you can give sugestions! image



  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    Want it for your brother or want it for yourself? Well don't think prices will drop anytime soon since it just realized in the US. Good luck with that. Probably won't drop prices till a couple of months. 

  • newkidznewkidz Member Posts: 19

    thank you for reply my thread :)  I think you right , and have to wait, at least for  next month! who know PS vita will drop ;)! anyway I saw PS Vita on Amazon and the price about $249 is that Normal price! cause to be honest I am not so sure with the exact price! and some peoples said PS vita price already drop in japan , but not sure, cause I get the info from my friends


  • IkedaIkeda Member RarePosts: 2,751

    Pay VERY close attention.

    Vita comes with ZERO memory.  All games require memory to install bubbles onto the Vita.  These sizes vary.

    Memory adds another 20 bucks and change for the 4gb up to 100 bucks for the 32gb.

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