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Being excited for games is not a crime



  • GorillaGorilla Member UncommonPosts: 2,235

    Originally posted by RefMinor

    It's the jumping on people who disagree, calling them dumb, blind and haters for often having very measured reasoned views about a particular game. It's the ignoring of emperical evidence and responding with blind anger or faith "they will patch it" etc, it's the sheer sense of self righteousness.


    Other than that, excitement is good, just keep a sense of perspective, you haven't even played it so you cannot be sure, remember TOR, It did not revolutionise the genre.

    When a fan starts hyping a game they have actually become a fanboi. Shortly after that complete delusion inevitably sets in. 

  • fonyfony Member Posts: 755

    Originally posted by smh_alot

    Originally posted by fony

    doesn't apply. i'm not begging for innovation(haha gw2 strawman argument fail!?), i am simply saying it's not bad to be excited for a game with good reason.



    I think that's a good way of looking at things, however what 'with good reason' is will differ from one person to the next. I think the problem you'll often see is that if a person isn't excited about a game, they often times think that this non-excitement should apply to other gamers as well, and that it's wrong for them to be excited for reasons they themselves can't be excited for.

    cannot be helped.

  • GeeTeeEffOhGeeTeeEffOh Member Posts: 731

    I find this thread oozing with irony.

    I see a thread where the OP is stating the difference between hype and excitement.

    I get halfway down the page and one of the posters is suggesting a logical, common sense approach to anticipating a new but unnamed game on the horizon.

    The OP's response is to dismiss this approach in favor of the game. Especially where the advice was sound and appropriate. A limited beta test does not paint the whole picture and the OP has convinced himself that because a single part of the picure looks good, then the picture as a whole must be good.

    By the definition in the OP's initial post, the OP has crossed the line into hype.

  • itgrowlsitgrowls Member Posts: 2,951

    Originally posted by fony

    nice blog post here, really a great read.



    here's some interesting stuff from the blog:


    I need to describe the differences between hyped and being excitement.


    Hyping a game is intensively publicizing or promoting a game while trying to predict what features will be like without any way of backing up what you are saying.  Hype might be making unrealistic promises or exaggerations about features or qualities (and can be done so without realization on the hyper’s part).  If something is hyped it is crafted to sound good whether it is true or not.


    Being excited about a game has a very honest feel to it.  When you’re excited you don’t try to hide flaws or exaggerate about a game. Excitement is value-driven and realistic.  Being excited about a game usually comes with a reason, and that reason can be shown.


    I’m passionate about games and I want to be excited.  I want to have something to look forward to, and I will always choose being excited over being jaded.  I look forward to pleasure, not pain.  I want games to succeed if they deserve to, and not fail for no reason.  I am critical of developers and their games when I see the same mistakes being made, and I won’t hesitate to point that out.  I’m also not going to hesitate to change my mind if I feel that I am in error, or simply want to change my opinion.


    I will not apologize to anyone for sharing, on my own website, what I feel at any given time.  That’s why I am writing, and that will not change.  I assume the majority of you visiting this site regularly do so because you find what we have to say interesting, entertaining, or useful.  If the day ever comes that I look at every future game as a negative before a positive, that’s when I will stop playing games and find another hobby.  What’s the point of doing something if you’re already planning ahead that you won’t enjoy it or plan to be unfeeling at all?  That’s a sad way to live.


    good read.

    image finally someone posts about the difference!

    So, (looking around at everyone who just LOVES to post nonsense about GW2 fans) the next time a fan talks about how wonderful this game is, remember to use the word HYPE correctly and remember that Anet hasn't begun advertizing for this game yet :) Thank you and goodnight.

  • just1opinionjust1opinion Member UncommonPosts: 4,641

    I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT GW2 and TSW!!!!!1111!!!!111!!!!1!!!!

    And it's NOT hype because....I have REASONS.





    I don't really NEED to add that this is sarcasm, do I?  I'm only tingling with guarded anticipation.  I wouldn't really call it "excitement" or anything.  *mumbles*...there, that should get me off the hook....

    President of The Marvelously Meowhead Fan Club

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