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WvW Home Server Account Lock



  • bookworm438bookworm438 Member Posts: 647

    I'll restate what I wrote earlier:

    The home server lock is ONLY for WvW. You can still PvE with your friends, and you can still PvP with your friends on different servers. You cannot PvP in WvW with your friends on different servers though.

    SINCE you can enter WvW from level 1, they cannot let you just reroll on a different server. Although, some might argue that this may make for an interesting dynamic if they could implement it as a feature and keep it balanced.

    The point of this the home server lock is to prevent you from cheating.

    IF you roll on server x, but your friend rolls on server y, you can hope over to server y and play with your friend in PvE or structured PvP. All progress you make on server y will be tied to your account, so it will appear on your server or any other server you go to.

    Remember, again, structured PvP is not tied to servers. You enter a lobby showing games going on across all servers, and you can enter any server.


    This is remiscent of the old European vs American server divide in GW1. In the earlier days of GW1, your account was generally tied to either European or American server, because of the favor of the gods (which allowed you access to areas such as the Underworld). You could only switch between the servers so many times, otherwise you were out of luck. They changed all that when they tied favor of the gods to title track completion, so now you can change to whatever server you want at any time.

    This lock is ONLY for WvW, and not for anything else. For anything else, you are free to change to wherever you wish and play with whomever you wish using your current character. As I said, in many ways it's like the Hall of Heroes/favor of the gods system in GW1.  You DO NOT need to make a new character on server y in order to play on it, if your home server is server x. You can just go play on server y with your level 80 character.  You are free to make a level 1 character and play on server y, if you wish. You just, again, won't be able to do WvW from that server.

    And again, THEY HAVE NOT FINALIZED ANY DETAILS YET. We do NOT know if how you will pay for home server change, what the penalty is, and whether they'll allow a grace period. All we know is that if you like to change servers a lot, sucks for you.

  • LeodiousLeodious Member UncommonPosts: 773

    Originally posted by HoiPoloi
    I think the issue is:  when does a B2P game become F2P?
    With charging for rerolls on new servers (something that is free in most other MMO's), ArenaNet is skirting the F2P line.
    Plus, we don't have any confirmation about what will be in the store yet.  It is entirely possible that GW2 flips over totally into F2P territory.
    I doubt that will happen, but it is a valid concern. 

    Really? I thought they all charged until someone mentioned Rift. And even if they were free, they charge a monthly fee. Could you maybe name a couple others that do it for free? I know Blizzard charges $25 per character for server transfers.

    Giving you the game for free and charging for services seems fair to me. Why does it not seem fair to you? And in what way does this make it free to play? You get the entire game, all content, on purchase. Compare that to, say, DDO, where you can't even level up past a certain level without buying something or getting a lucky drop. You can't go into many dungeons without buying access to them. This is not the case with GW2. You get all the content, all the time.

    It isn't free to play. You know it, I know it, we all know it, and the comparison is tired, stupid, and known to be wrong. It is not a valid concern, at all. Look at the GW1 store if you want to know what will bei n the GW2 store. They have said time and again it'll be the same sort of thing. This isn't going into free to play territory, and it never will, and we all know it. Or if you don't know it, you aren't paying attention.

    Originally posted by bookworm438
    And again, THEY HAVE NOT FINALIZED ANY DETAILS YET. We do NOT know if how you will pay for home server change, what the penalty is, and whether they'll allow a grace period. All we know is that if you like to change servers a lot, sucks for you.

    That last bit is by far the most important. Let's not freak out over soemthing we don't know yet.

    I can see, though, why people would be upset. WvWvW is a huge part of the game, and being unable to PvP there with your friends *is* a big deal, even if you can do everything else. For some people, WvWvW is going to be the main thing they play. So there really needs to be some system in place that lets people get sorted after launch day and be with their friends. And that part needs to be free. You can charge if they want more transfers, but letting people shift around a bit at the start when you have a system in which you can't just reroll, is almost mandatory. In another game, I pick a different server from all my other friends. I can reroll and do be with them. If I am only a few hours into the game, it doesn't much matter. New character, done, delete the old one. But that isn't an option for GW2.

    What I think would be best is a ten dollar fee or thereabouts to change, for the whole account, with one, maybe two free transfers allowed per account. This lets you move to be with those friends, or wait until things die down to move to a server that suits you. I know I would certainly want to move to whichever server is the most RPer heavy.

    The bottom line is that they simply cannot allow you reroll on a new server. The way upleveling for PvP works would make it so easy to cheat and grief and cause all sorts of mischief. It is like WoW. When I played (I don't know about now), you could not have an Alliance or a Horde character on the same PvP server. It would be too easy to cheat. In GW2, they have the added problem of people being able to be 80 straight out of the gate. So while we don't really know anything yet, you can bet you won't be changing servers a lot. And that is a good thing for WvWvW.

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