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A Diplomatic Mission

For a long time now, Vanguard has been described as a "Themepark with Sandbox elements". A "Sandpark" if you like.

I've been playing for a couple of years now, a victim of Altoholism. I want to try all the races, play all the classes, see all the cities. Vanguard is one of the few games I've tried in recent years that made me want to see what's over the next hill. I sometimes feel I could ignore all the Questgivers and just go...wherever.

 Recently, however, I stumbled upon a Diplomatic Quest that made me wonder how far the "Sandpark" went.

 So now I'm off on a new experiment. How far can pure Diplomacy take you in the Sandpark? How much of the world can you see? How many players could you meet? I know you can get mounts, weapons , and other gear from Diplo lines, but what else? What does a 50 Diplomat get for his trouble?

 I've just finished the Isle of Dawn with my new High Elf Psionicist/Diplomat and am heading out into the wild world of Telon. High Elf because I've never explored their city, Psionicist because I've never tried one, and Diplomat because you all really need to realize that the High Elves are always right ;P

So if you see me in your travels, say 'Hello' or give me a wave. I'm off to see the Wizard, and perhaps gossip a Heart or Brain out of him....

Asirpuir Ebenenn


PS. Special  thanks to Tonedeaf Rakibardhax and Kradow Wildpaw for their help with the Temple.

PPS.    To the 2 dolts in the Temple when I first arrived,who didn't want my assistance,  thanks for nothing....




  • Ribas363Ribas363 Member Posts: 33

    I'm guessing your mission will meet its demise due to a certain cat.

  • XexvXexv Member Posts: 308

    Why not keep a journal here of your progress? Would be fun to read and a good showcase of the diplomacy system for those interested.

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