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Descent: A Good Improvement for PvE

After having rages and rants about how broken PWI has become, the last update proves that they are actually listening. No, the game is not totally fixed -- it's beyond that now. But they have incorporated new incentives for PvE players to create new goals for themselves including high end gear on par with nirvana gear, a fun daily treasure map quest that can potentially give you a chrono page in about 30 minutes or other really great stuff (depending on your luck of course), and some new gear stats that reward PvE damage and defense (slaying and warding).

As I said, not all is fixed. The farming instances are still broken, aps still rules (they nerfed the highest 5aps a little, but really, it's barely a difference), and catshoppers will still rule. The catshoppers are essential to make the majority of the players able to get OP and spend very little. But the rich whining catshoppers are still ruling the servers and makes a poor playing experience for those who are not rich enough to get gear to protect themselves in PK.

All i can say for now is, if PWI makes the sore mistake of making a prestige sale to let catshoppers fast track to the new gear, they will just be repeating the same mistake they did before. All my friends who have left tell me that's exactly what will happen. I'm hoping for the best atm.

As it stands, let praise be given where it is due. Good improvements, PWI. I'm content for now.

P.S. If you didn't know, PWI is a based on high level gambling, so if you have a gambling problem, you risk losing a lot of money in the game. Please know your limit and play within in. *peace*

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