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swtor: the light side of the force

pardon the pun.

i've been off the site for a few weeks trying to dig myself into swtor. i've played a few of the classes. my last comments were poo-pooed as being a bit on the "you don't know stuff all because you haven't given it a fair go" side of the fence, so in fairness, i gave it even more of a fair go.

being a bit on the dark side, i rolled  few alts and tested the waters again.

after re-re-re-re(like a metallica album)-rolling, i ended up stuck on the si. why? well, lightning does look kinda funky. i originally went the sw, but got tired of the whiney companion. sure, it's nice to volt her now and then, but it really gets on your nerves how every darkside choice you make she has to whine about it.

ia was okay to level 30 and then it just got boring. have to admit its companion is awesome. all that screaming for dibs on the head. really knows how to motivate a guy. i tried the bh and mako made me feel ill to my stomach. she's supposed to be a healer, but all i want to do is throw up every time she speaks. honestly, there should be an option to rip out her tongue, or at least put a slave collar on her to shock her into silence. and the bh's quest line? the whole hunt thing? pfft. what a crock.

but, for me, khem was the soul of positivity and i find it strange that in an mmo i find myself drawn to a class with a palatable companion npc, rather than a playstyle as such.

up to level 30 (again), i kind of enjoyed the si. the storyline was mediocre but had its moments. my wife was laying some sabery goodness with the sw, so quite frankly i feel she got the better story. especially with her padawan getting completely turned over to the darkside where mine simply pouted about it and now spends her time wallowing out near the engine on my ship and she can stay there for all i care. horrid creature. i hope she gets radiation sickness. and i've only had her for a level and a half.

other than the story, this game really is the pits. and i maintain that. it's so easy that we're stuck 6 levels behind our class quest and going on to the next planet looks almost impossible now. how the hell we can be taking out elites some 3 levels above us? it should be darned impossible. love or hate wow, you KNOW it WOULD be impossible.

but i'm glad it isn't, because then we'd get stuck on these awful side-stories that have gone from being mildly amusing to overly irritating. where you originally did follow the map in a straight line, now you're jumping back and forth like a frikken bean, handing in, going back, running around, getting lost because the map is rubbish and the paths aren't where they should be - oh, look. it's a wall. no, the path is on the other side of this. that shadow on the map? that's a wall. crap. now we've gotta go back through the irritating time-sucking respawns.

i'm not saying we don't die. we die sometimes. but then we get up and kill whatever walked up behind us while we were smacking down that elite.

i don't understand why this game is so easy to play. they've clearly built it around having companions as a major element, but they don't seem to have factored them into the actual game. it's very bizarre. even with them out on crew missions, just two players on their own can pretty much wade through anything without much effort.

will we keep playing?



we don't know, either. i see bw is going on about their next major patch adding so much goodness (though, given what was promised at launch, i'm expecting only half a delivery), and i'm kind of interested to see what they're doing with their legacy system. i feel sorry for bw, actually. you can smell their frustration and desperation as they try hard to rescue the game. i don't know that they'll manage it, because without the class story as the major hook, there's not much left they've got to keep you stringing along.

have to say, though, i AM glad i am not having to wear a dress as a caster. that was very nice of them to let me out of that one.


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