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Dark Age of Minecraft - Factions PvP server soft launch.

RedempRedemp Member UncommonPosts: 1,136

Dark Age of MineCraft!

Welcome to Dark Age of MineCraft! DAoMC is a new server focused on Faction based PvP. Using the Heroes plugin our Admins have created 10+ combat classes, 4 crafting professions, and more coming weekly. We have just migrated our server to a new host and begun beta testing. We will continue to add new and great plugins to the server aswell as providing our own. If your looking for some pvp combat similar to DAOC thrown into a sandbox come join us today!


Powerful Artifacts to augment your Factions!!

Posted Image



Description: Powerful hulk capable of sustaining large amounts of damage while protecting others


Description: Support class focused on healing and buffing allies


Description: Stealthy assassin focused on hitting his target and ending it quickly.


Description: Assassin focused on toying with his targets.


Description: Nature based support class.


Description: Tough fighter who is willing to jump before looking.


Description: Arcane magic caster


Description: Fire based magic caster

Ice Fiend

Description: Melee fighter who channels ice to buff his prowess


Description: Lightly armored melee fighter who uses the power of the mind.


Description: Area of effect based fighter, capable of throwing some nasty concoctions.


Description: Melee fighter capable of eating his foe to survive.


Description: Ranged fighter capable of targeting his prey no matter the location.


Description: Melee fighter capable of sacrificing his life and limb to achieve a kill.

More coming weekly!


No Griefing!

No Trolling!

No Hacking!

No Exploits!

Breaking these rules will not be tolerated!

Otherwise try to conduct yourself as an adult or as mature as your capable.


Please post in the forums


1. Whats your in game name? (John Smith)

2. Have you ever been banned from another server? (No)

3. If so, why? (I used xray mod)

4. Will you adhere to the long list of rules? (Yes)

5. Anything else you would like to add? (I am the best builder and I will love you long time)

Other methods of being whitelisted are being added into our website. Untill it is up please direct you questions and comments here.

We look forward to seeing you all in game!!

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