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Is the Ability system too open?



  • JohnnyMotrinJohnnyMotrin Member Posts: 439

    Just thinking about the point rojo has brought up, I do think it would be neat if all 3 factions had different weapons for example: Dragons had swords more along the lines of katanas and tantos, and Templars swords more reflected the western european medieval theme.  However in saying this, I don't fault Funcom for such segregation because it could get kind of difficult trying to seperate magic.  I wouldn't want that task, and furthermore, like said before just because you're aligned with the Illuminati, it doesn't mean you've lived your whole life in New York.


  • VampiresVampires Member Posts: 75

    I think the flexability will be a good thing. I don't understand why people enjoy games that have skills that are over powered and to play thus game well you spam one skill over and over again, in some cases spam a macro! And why would you want to punish someone who has spent the time getting the skills, learning to play those skills and figuring out a good combo! I say this because with out a shadow of a dout the minute someone does figure out a combo with the skills they have found with the time they put in, people will be screaming that it's too powerful! I would like to see this game hold true to what it has said so far and alow people that put in time to have the best skills but to leave the freedom it is offering so that the players who are smart can make better builds that are harder to get and flog those players that go for the "best" and or / "easiest" damage/DOT/heal/tank builds! It looks promising and those that think the freedom of changing is bad i say Rift alows you to change at will and it's doing just fine, how bad could this be?!

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