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Gods in Achaea

NomiMNomiM Member Posts: 21


Here is a list of all of the gods in Achaea. Please keep in mind that this is just a game and nobody is worshipping these gods IRL! Gods are players just like anyone else and have just as many feelings. :)


Bolded are active Gods, italicized are Gods that have Orders.



   11.7   Sarapis            The Logos, original Creator of Achaea.

   11.8   Daedalus           The Guardian of Balance.

   11.9   Aeyr               The God of Magic.

   11.10  Phaestus           The God of the Smith.

   11.11  Eris               The former Goddess of Chaos.

   11.12  Pandora            The Goddess of Mischief.

   11.13  Valnurana          The Goddess of Dreams.

   11.14  Oneiros            The God of Peace.

   11.15  Pentharian         The God of Valour.

   11.16  Twilight           The God of Darkness.

   11.17  Demeter            The Green Lady

   11.18  Shaitan            The God of Oppression.

   11.19  Vastar             The Master of the Skies.

   11.20  Lupus              The God of the Beasts.

   11.21  Aegis              The God of War.

   11.22  Lorielan           The Enlightened.

   11.23  Apollyon           The Suffering.

   11.24  Prospero           The God of Wealth.

   11.25  Ourania            The Goddess of the Moon.

   11.26  Neraeos            The God of the Sea.

   11.27  Agatheis           The Lord of the Elements.

   11.28  Tarah              The Goddess of Compassion.

   11.29  Indrani            The Demon Queen.

   11.30  Mithraea           The Goddess of the Sun.

   11.31  Thoth              The God of Death.

   11.32  Selene             The Goddess of Love and Beauty.

   11.33  Scarlatti          The Great Bard.

   11.34  Matsuhama          The God of Combat.

   11.36  Makali             The former Goddess of Destruction.

   11.37  Miramar            The Goddess of Justice.

   11.38  Keresis            The Goddess of Vengeance.

   11.39  Kastalia           The Goddess of Lakes and Rivers.

   11.40  Maya               The Great Mother.

   11.41  Hermes             The Messenger.

   11.42  Melantha           The Goddess of the Seasons.

   11.43  Artemis            The Goddess of the Cataclysm.

   11.44  Pandemonium        The God of Strife.

   11.45  Babel              The God of Oblivion.



If you're interested in joining a God's Order, make sure you read HELP to get some basic information on them, then seek out one of their followers in-game. Orders can be the best part of the game, especially if you're active and engaging. Gods tend to try to make the game more fun for players (and can squish you) so make sure you're always at least a little respectful towards them and the time they put into making the game fun for you.


In-game religion is one of the coolest things about Achaea as there aren't really other games that have it, and if there are, they generally don't let volunteers play the gods to interact with players. We're lucky we have this opportunity, as it really completes the world of Achaea and gives us plenty new RP avenues to explore. 







  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

    I'm going to take over Miramar's order and turn Shallam into a bloodthirsty war machine.

  • NomiMNomiM Member Posts: 21

    That's the spirit!

  • LiancaLianca Member Posts: 10

    Totally missed out Sartan! For shame.


    For those who aren't familiar with the lore in Achaea, Shaitan was the original God of Evil, who decided that His counterpart Apollyon was too weak to rule, consumed Him and became Sartan the Malevolent. Many many old time Mhaldorian (the city of Evil) players lament the loss of Sartan, He had quite a reputation. Eventually Sartan 'sundered' back into Shaitan and Apollyon giving us the two Gods we have now.


    For my two cents I love the Orders in Achaea, beyond House or City you can get such a sense of worth for your character taking a hardline view from a test faith and shaping your adventures through that means. I recommend!


    Hail Babel!

  • Chaos_AmunetChaos_Amunet Member Posts: 9

    Hail Babel, indeed. IRL Nihilism for the win. We took over your Achaea, now we're going to take over your MMORPG forums. ;)

  • RaslazelRaslazel Member Posts: 6

    IRL oblivion is nigh? That's terribly inconvenient. Let me get some things sorted out, then you can end the world.

    "For he who can be, and therefore is, another's and he who participates in reason enough to apprehend, but not to have, is a slave by nature."

  • SilasMaynardSilasMaynard Member Posts: 1

    I worship them irl.

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