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TASK 10 - Joining a house

penelopaepenelopae Member Posts: 5

Joining a house in Achaea can be an easy, uncomplicated process. Most choose a class, house, and city while in the Trial of Rebirth. But what if you didn't? Or what if you change your mind after you meet your other class / house / citymates? Changing orgs is very common. Some characters stay in the same orgs their entire lives, but at some point in their lives others decide, for various reasons, that a change is necessary.

It's easier to join a house once you've decided on what class you want to be. My little newbie is at portals and would like to join a class. To do this, she has to visit Certimene and uses READ SIGN to find him.



You read what is written on a small floating sign:

Northeast : Certimene, the Class and House Administrator

East      : Vinci's Tattoo Emporium

Southeast : The Land of Minia (and Vellis, butterfly man)

Southwest : The Isle of Delos

West      : Seasone, the Seller of Potions and Elixirs

Northwest : The Valley of Lodi

In        : Mount Gheladan

Down      : Tyrandiel, the wise


North : Portals to Ashtan and Hashan

South : Portals to Cyrene, Eleusis, Mhaldor, and Shallam



Let's go NE to visit Certimene!



Inside the Class and House Administration building.

Certimene, the Class and House administrator stands here, a variety of house

and class ledgers on a table near him. A small colourful sign is here with big

letters that show, "READ SIGN". A dyed red poster bearing the title "Tanjinn

Monastery" has been hung here.

You see a single exit leading north (open door).

Certimene tells you, "Greetings, Lucie! I would be glad to help you become a

member of a class. Simply ASK CERTIMENE BECOME ."


Looking at HELP CLASS LIST shows the following:




Alchemist:   Enigmatic figures wielding the power of the ether.

Apostate:    Evil, necromantic daemon summoners.

Bard:        Swashbuckling troubadour adventurers.

Blademaster: Masters of the legendary Two Arts.

Druid:       Forest-loving metamorphs.

Infernal:    Evil knights employing necromantic methods.

Jester:      Happy-go-lucky pranksters and rogueish entertainers.

Magi:        Masters of the four elements and crystalline vibrations.

Monk:        A class that forges mind, body, and spirit into a unified whole.

Occultist:   Chaos-loving summoners of extra-planar entities.

Paladin:     Noble knights wielding dual weapons with a falcon companion.

Priest:      Holy warriors with a fearsome guardian angel by their side.

Runewarden:  Mystic knights who employ runic lore alongside their swords.

Sentinel:    Metamorphing forest rangers with animals for assistance.

Serpent:     Masters of venoms and subterfuge. Perhaps the trickiest class.

Shaman:      Mystical users of Vodun dolls, curses, and runes.

Sylvan:      Forest-lovers who meld in mastery of the four elements.


My character decided to be a priest and used ASK CERTIMENE BECOME PRIEST.


Certimene says, "The life of a Priest is one of service to the principles of Good. Within this life comes great power, but it must never be abused."



Images of you striding into battle against the forces of evil, guardian angel by your side, mace striking down those who would cause harm to innocents flash by.



The knowledge that your guardian angel is very close by comes to you as you gain the skill of Spirituality.



Understanding of the ritualistic skill of Devotion enters you, filling you with gratitude for your holy gifts.



One of the best things you can do is join a house. Houses that will accept your class are: EMPYREAL, MOJUSHAI. Use HELP HOUSE <name> for more info.

Certimene says, "Congratulations, Lucie! You are now a fledgling in the Priest class. HELP CLASS PRIEST will get you started. It will also show you a list of Houses that accept this class, if any."


Because there are only two houses, this decision will be a rather easy one.

  • The Mojushai were originally a guild of monks in Cyrene, but are now a house that in addition to monks accept priests, blademasters, and serpents.

  • The Empyreal Assembly has endured for eons as an order of Priests in service to the Gods of Good and the Citadel of Light, once the glorious Holy Church of Achaea. They only accept priests.



Certimene says, "Congratulations, Lucie! I've inducted you into the Empyreal Assembly. Use HNT <text> to speak on the House Newcomer Talk channel. Please read HELP NEWCOMERS EMPYREAL. This will tell you what the House expects of newcomers to it."


Before I could even introduce myself, my new, uber-friendly housemates were greeting me and letting me know what to do next. One of the requirements was to join the city of Shallam. HELP SHALLAM showed this handy tidbit:



              Averroes - ASK AVERROES JOIN SHALLAM


This meant going back to the Ring of PORTALS and using READ SIGN to find Averroes. Once arriving at the House of Averroes in Shallam, I used the above command with this result:


The Prophet, Averroes says, "A new citizen! Please refer to the city laws which I keep always nearby. You can READ JOURNAL107890 and then, if you agree to those laws, please confirm that by ASK AVERROES JOIN SHALLAM AGREE to complete the process."


Curious about what the book looked like, I used PROBE 107890 and saw this:



The size of a book, this journal is of expensive vellum construction, with a fine leather binding. It is entitled "The Constitution and Laws of Shallam" and the author is listed as being Pentharian, God of Valour.

It weighs about 1 pounds and 4 ounce(s).

It bears the distinctive mark of Azor.


After reading the book, I used ASK AVERROES JOIN SHALLAM AGREE.


The Prophet, Averroes says, "Congratulations, Lucie! I've made you a citizen of Shallam. Use CT <text>, or SHALLAM <text> to speak on the City Talk channel."

Your City wants all new citizens to know this:

Hello and welcome to Shallam! Shallam is the city that stands for the support and furthering of Good, Order, and the Light. Please take a look at CHELP NEWCITIZEN. If you wish to speak on the Shallam citychannel, please put CT before your words!


And there you have it! Joining a class, house, and city can be just that easy. Some houses or cities may not allow auto-induction, and for that you would need to contact the adventurers listed as able to induct in either HELP HOUSE (house) or HELP (city) for further instruction. Good luck in your own new house and city, and don't forget, if you have trouble you can always resort to asking over the NEWBIE channel for help from the benevolent guides.

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