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  • VoiidiinVoiidiin Member Posts: 817

    Originally posted by AllodsOnline

    Originally posted by Hobiton

    Out of all the f2p MMORPG games I've tried Allods online has to be my favourite, the design of the game and teh classes within teh game were really original. I stopped playing it however a while ago after the introduced that buff on your stats that you had to pay for, which got so out of control you pritty much had constantly buy this buff in order to progress into the game.

    Was just wandering if you had fixed that problem at all? and what teh recent updates are on this game?

    Hobiton, it sounds like you are referring to Incense where it used to be essential to strengthen your character enough to kill monsters.

    Multiple changes have taken place to ease up on that system such as including a daily quest that offers one free incense (which still exists) although the mechanics have been changed so that you don't need incense to strengthen your character to kill monsters. You also gain the ability to use the Martyrs' Salvation spell and bonuses from your runes without incense.  The benefits that incense gives is the ability to use the other three patron spells and the defenses against some  PvP spells.

    There's a lot of recent updates to the game since the last time you played, so we encourage you to check out a blog we made to cover some of the hot features that came with Patch 3.0:

    The simple fact that this was even implemented into a game in the first damned place SCREAMS stay away. This is so wrong on so many levels, i am not sure how even patching it away can clean the bad taste from my mouth.

    Gpotato has proven that they are a money making company not a games company, no i am not sayign making money is bad, but the extent of the cash grabbing thats going on and has gone on in this game makes me stay away from it and pretty much any future Gpotato product.


    When Gpotato can release a game thats not P2W then i might give them another shot, but all of there games i played in the past have soured me to anything they make. Cash shops do not have to sell advantages to be effective, many games have proven this time and time again.

    Lolipops !

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