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Still a solid game IMO

TheonenoniTheonenoni Member Posts: 279

I played in open beta for this game back in 2009 and it was very shiny and had a couple flaws. Today the User interface has been reworked and  still has the same feel as it did back on 2009. To me that is success.  If only this game went F2P in NA I would definitely play again instead of using a trial account to see what has changed.  I am happy to see what they are doing with the EU servers and giving Aion veterans priveleges over basic  free accounts.  

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  • JorlJorl Member UncommonPosts: 257

    Currently downloading updates, going to take 170 minutes, better leave my PC on for the night. Will play Aion until TERA comes out. They have increased the Asmodian XP gain, so when I'm able to play I'll start one off. Curious to see what they changed. Haven't got the expansion but I'm not really bothered, its mainly for high level players. image

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