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General: Two Trends to Watch Closely



  • AshenDreamAshenDream Member UncommonPosts: 7

    I suspect that SOPA and PIPA are not about piracy; that's just the cover story. The real target may be what will happen in the near future when 3D printers become popular. When the average person can use a 3D printer and some blueprints to manufacture many things that he needs in his own home . . . well, think about it. The music, movie and software industries aren't the only powerful lobbies that have reason to be scared.

  • troublmakertroublmaker Member Posts: 337

    Originally posted by alkarionlog


    I'm a programmer and i'm against all this crap of sopa pipa, I think the next bill should be named, let's censor the internet and silence everyone to say what people want, imagine if they did that before people in the middle east revolted against the dictatorship they lived on?  htat is the main reason I can see a congress trying to make  a thing you can keep out of web without a need to use a legal system to see if he really is trying to hurt or stealing, also last I know you have to proof someone is criminal, that bill just say you are criminal and you have to proof you are not one.

    and would be funny if this thing pass, and the first thing to happen is they shut down google, facebook, twiter for using copyrighted material, also guys with any blog or fan site using things like a light saber and or a pony.

    I also recomend you read all teh bill not what the people who want it to pass says. if even reading the whole bill you still think its right you are like that guys who kill your own friend by mistake because you don't know.


    I'm not even sure how to respond to this.  How can you be a programmer if you cannot find your space bar most of the time?  Maybe you were the guy who made Prius Online Anima Redux which is loaded full of really bad syntax.  Okay grammar nazi is done.

    1. America can currently shut down all of those websites you listed with current legislation.  In the 90s the US shutdown all US based P2P and torrenting websites.  Nothing is stopping the US from shutting down any of the websites you listed.  If they could shut down those websites already, why aren't they?  How does SOPA in anyway threaten these websites when there is already legislation to shut them down?

    2. Am I talking about censorship?  No.  People are trying to transform this into a censorship issue as if pirating software is some sort of expression of free speech.  Nothing in SOPA has anything to do with the Middle East it's just another BS red herring that people who actually are against SOPA use to try and rally people to their cause.

    3. I've never met or heard of a guy who kills his own friend by mistake without knowing.  That is a very odd metaphor.  I have read the whole bill.  The problem is the American people do not even know how their own bloody political system works.  The courts get the final say on a law.  If a law is unconstitutional or voided by some other law it is null and void.  If any of the 'victims' of this decision had any legs to stand on the courts would support them.. and the state would have to pay damages to compensate for the loss.

    Let's say under this concept of American political system they shut down Google which is a multi-billion dollar company.  A one day loss from Google would cost them somewhere between $100-200M.  This means if the state went after Google they would have to know they did something very wrong

    As an example of American justice Hustler magazine was shut down for indecency.  Courts decided that the indecency law went against the existing body of law.

    You are an idiot and no one should in any way see this post from this guy as a legitimate "Anti-SOPA supporter" since even responding to this would be like picking the weakest argument and stating that since I beat it the whole is flaw.

    Now this guy is smarter:



    While I do agree with some of what you say, you DO realize that Crytek did NOT LOST this kind of money?


    You do realize that most of people that pirate game if they could not pirate this game they would simply not buy it at all?


    I am NOT justifying pirating , no I don't do that. Just if game was for example pirated in 1mlon copies - if piracy was impossible it would not sell additional 1 mln.   Many people pirate something to try before buying or just because they can have it.

    If they had to pay for it 60$ most of them would simply not buy it.

    That why counting "loss" by equation of "number of pirated copies" * price of box  is bollocks.



    I could understand if it was any game other than Crysis 2.

    But it's Crysis 2.

    Why is this important?

    Crysis 2 is a game that requires insanely high computer specs to play.  The average person who is sitting around with a dinky laptop will not be able to play this.  This means a person needs a 'badass' system to play this game.  This in turn means they can afford the game.

    For some games there is a class issue where a person cannot afford it and they pirate it so that they can get a taste of the good life.  But that's not the case with Crysis.  Crysis is made specifically for high end gaming machines meaning it is limited to the small percentage of gamers that can afford a system to support it.

    Crysis 2 was stolen one month before launch and put online.  Although sure some of the 10M people or so who pirated this might have bought the game, very few probably did.  This was a full MONTH before release giving the pirates a full month to play the entire game.  A game like MW3 might get pirated but then people will buy it for the multiplayer.  Crysis 2 really only had the campaign going for it... and everyone already played it.

    Some people might steal to get a taste of a product before they buy it... well that's what a DEMO is for.  Crysis 2 does have a demo, it's here:  It was made available under a month before the launch.

    I know that excuses people have for pirating are BS because at some point in my life I did it myself.  I was 12 years old had no money so I pirated games with my friend's CD burner.  I stole out of 'desperation.'  I suspect that most people steal online because of how easily accessible it is and because they're cheapwads.

    Today digital download services are available at a very cheap price.  I can get Netflix for like $10 and stream all the movies I want.  I can buy songs for pennies on iTunes.  If I want games I can subscribe to one of these rental services or I can just grab Steam and pick up some nickel and dime games.



     He's talking about South Korea, which has a democratic government and is an ally of the US.


    Ah...  I see I'm the misinformed one here.  If he is saying negatively about South Korea's internet (a democratic nation) then he is actually just spitting on an American ally, not making a point.  OH LOOK HOW UNHAPPY THEY ARE IN SOUTH KOREA WHERE IT IS ALL CENSORED?

    Really, censorship is so bad that South Korea features one of the largest RTS tournaments in the world.  They're so unhappy because they have to buy everything.  But it's okay because in South Korean culture most games are free anyway.

    That is a map of Intenet blackholes.  The blue indicate no censorship.  The yellow indicate some censorship.  Red is moderate censorship.  Grey is heavy censorship.

    South Korea is indicated as being moderately censored.  This is the same category as Australia and Russia.

    To any of our Australian or Russian posters on this board.  Do you have access to Google?  Can you use YouTube?  Have these websites been taken down in your home land?

    I will suspect the answer is, no.




    these types of bills have never been about piracy but really about internet censorship of independant news sites they cant control.

    If America wanted to censor their press they would do it with force.  They have had the opportunity to do so for years and haven't.  Weird right?


    This whole thing is just the industry trying to place the blame elsewear. Same goes for movies and what not. The bill is BS. Btw I'm Canadian but I'm sure this would effect me sooner or later.


    I was reading your whole post and for the most part you have knocked down some solid reasons why games do not sell and why people steal.  Some of them I have covered.  However if people market a game it makes it popular.  Well marketed games are the single most pirated ones.  Kind of funny huh?  No one steals unknown games.


    As for your final point.  Canada has long since been effected by Internet censorship.  In Canada and the UK we use a system called "Cleanfeed".  Read up on it:


    Cleanfeed was designed by an anti-pedophile organization to try and stop kiddie porn, slave porn and rape porn.  In the UK ISPs were told to implement it or they would be legislated to do it.  So all ISPs in the UK did it on their own.  In Canada 80% of all ISPs have done so willingly under the recommendation of The Crown.  The other 20% are in the process of implementing it.


    So you as a Canadian have already been effected by it.  There is a bill in the House of Commons to make Cleanfeed a law for future ISPs.


    As a Canadian who is censored by the government and limited in your ability to watch child pornography and are having your P2P transactions watched.... do you feel that you have been limited in any way.


    As asked to the last guy, do you as a Canadian have access to YouTube which is supposed to close down immediately when SOPA passes?


    These are all of course rhetorical questions.  I'm a censored Canadian and I have access to everything.

    Im not for SOPA I just think it's funny that everyone is all about Anonymous and the Guy Fawkes mask now when 5 years ago they weren even known of outside of computer nerds. 


    The Guy Fawkes masks is not connected to the Internet hacker Anonymous.  Guy Fawkes tried to kill King James because the people were powerless against him.  The symbol of Guy Fawkes is one of resisting oppression and people with more power.  The people wearing the mask were the minority party.


    In parliamentary politics the minority power has no role in the government but to pose questions and raise public opinion for particular issues.


    I think that clears up most questions and statements pointed towards me.


  • ZanerkenZanerken Member UncommonPosts: 21

    "If America wanted to censor their press they would do it with force.  They have had the opportunity to do so for years and haven't.  Weird right?

    " the main stream media is already undercontrol look at who owns them.

    See you space cowboys

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