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Lord Adraas - Necrophim - a casual guild recruiting

blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611

Necrophim is looking for more to join us on Lord Adraas.


We are a casual, laid back guild based on the simple concept of having each other's back.  Need help with crafting mats for a project?  Need something made?  Looking for more for a Heroic quest, a pvp team or a Flashpoint?  The guild is there for you.


Right now we have a great core of players in game and are looking to expand our ranks to expedite group formation.  We will be offering a casual (and optional) raid schedule when we get enough members leveled to take part. 


We are on a RP server but are not an RP guild.  We rolled on Lord Adraas to escape the elitist, "IPwnYrMom", l2p types and settle in with a generally more casual server (work schedules and families being what they are and all.......)


Shoot me a tell in game as Xilvar, drop by our site or pm me here for more info or to sign up.

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