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Poll: Rate Knight Online

zethcarnzethcarn Member UncommonPosts: 1,558

mine is a 2



  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    You forgot:
    When its raining and I'm really bored I go play Knight-Online! image
  • ale_jrbale_jrb Member Posts: 30

    I like this game - it is good for a freebie!

    "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate"

    Looking forward to: Aion
    Played: WoW, Guild Wars

  • ahilahil Member Posts: 19

    i quit that game becous of new games. but it is a fun game ;)::::15::

    i love TIBIA...

  • kurodokurodo Member Posts: 2

    rogue attacks ignores armor class.

    edit:testing avatar. ..

  • ozgamerzozgamerz Member Posts: 138

    I would go back and play Diablo2 then play this. No offense but.. it's really awful.. too painful for my eyes.

  • SaltedSalted Member Posts: 3

    Knightonline v1.279 (US version)

    The game is good but there are to many issues!

    The servers, network disconnect people to often. Sometimes the users can't login because the loginservers are down. The lag is weird, it just hit everyone inside and outside the US for no special reason and it doesn't matter if the zone you are in have many or just a few people. The information on the mainpage and the support (livechat) is useless and the livechat is only for they who pay for premium. Sometimes they inform the users online in the chat window that maintenance are coming up.

    But over all this game could be great if it haven't been for the bad management!

    So give it chance and hope for the better because if they don't fix the issus i'm sure the users will leave Knightonline for other MMORPGs and that would be sad specialy when it's free to play. image


  • WagnardWagnard Member Posts: 21

    Mine is also a "2"

    Mainly because of flaws of the game itself, not the lack of support or maintenance

  • SBC3SBC3 Member Posts: 372
    I just started plaing KO and its great i love the First person view and the sky moves...  Its a lot like Elder Scroll
  • markbaranovmarkbaranov Member Posts: 27

    Mine is a 2, didnt like the grind, so boring really, no tradeskills I could find, only nonestop grind of combat you can find in any MMORPG out there..::::07::

  • MalicusMalicus Member Posts: 307

    Originally posted by markbaranov

    Mine is a 2, didnt like the grind, so boring really, no tradeskills I could find, only nonestop grind of combat you can find in any MMORPG out there..::::07::

    That coming from a AE fanboi?

     Its great for free. Tons of items and quests. It is lacking in alot of areas and the grind is old school. Overall I would say 7. Passes the time and offers some good party action.

  • CapnCapn Member Posts: 45

    Originally posted by Malicus
    Originally posted by markbaranov
    Mine is a 2, didnt like the grind, so boring really, no tradeskills I could find, only nonestop grind of combat you can find in any MMORPG out there..
    That coming from a AE fanboi?
     Its great for free. Tons of items and quests. It is lacking in alot of areas and the grind is old school. Overall I would say 7. Passes the time and offers some good party action. could you vote a 7 on a 1-5 scale?

    Anyways, KO is okay, but nothing great. It is free which is the only reason I won't say it sucks badly. Like others have said, I find it boring becuase pretty much all you do is hack and wack enemies all day with nothing much else to do.

    Main city areas are VERY laggy due to the fact that 1000 people have stupid shops set up, even if you wanted to buy something it would take you days to find it.

  • azn1337gamerazn1337gamer Member Posts: 11
    WTF ARE YOU TLAKING ABOUT.image Knight online is definitly the worst game ever. Are you saying you like my penis!image
  • zeldar21zeldar21 Member Posts: 29
    I definatly like this game and i DID go back to diablo2 b4 i found then then instantly stopped d2 to play this.  Great game in my opinion.  Few coding errors and bugs but every game has that.


  • DanniQDanniQ Member Posts: 3
    it's a good MMORPG game. Not the best. image

    Ho Ho!

  • MikeFtrevinoMikeFtrevino Member Posts: 3

    I joined just to reply to this.
    This could just be a total piece of crap to some of you, but it's my first mmorpg. After a life of console games, hundreds of which I love, I can count on both hands the pc games that have caught my intrest, this is one. yeah it ain't polished, but it's good enough to pique the intrest of a console fanboy, and perhaps reform him.
    I have made plans to upgrade my slow ass computer (500 dollar price tag). I've been looking into Guild Wars, WOW, and EQ. that's alot of change caused by one lame game.
    How can a Totally Free Game that may be introducing more newcomers to this genre be bad? yeah you could complain about the support but it's free. Those are some damn good graphics for zero dollars out of my wallet. complain all you want about it's lack of a multitude of things, but what you should really be complaining about is the exorbitate prices you have to pay initially and monthly to play a polished game.
    It makes you wonder how good knight could be if they got a little more funding.

  • Lt.DeadendLt.Deadend Member Posts: 325

    Dont worrie about the flames,.People forget that its free,.

    I gave the game a 3,.its not all that bad,. an the big PVP wars (rune war) an stuff was a ton of fun,I was lvl 42 i think an still able to kill ppl an stay alive,.Till the big gank rolled over me.

    The LvL grinding is painfull, the game offers other things to do like collect quest items to make stuff for other players ,. or farm abyss jems for your gambling habits.Buy/sell,but not to much more.

    I cant really stay intrested to long anymore tho,. I only got a month out of it.

    Its not outstanding,. its not all that bad.


  • UDTrunksUDTrunks Member Posts: 10

    I.d give it about a 3.5.

    First of all the fact that it is free is great! The graphics for a free game were surprisingly good. Lots of skills for each race which was good. The view control was neat was well, i liked being able to go first person.

    But this game is also lacking. I ahte when im killing something then bam someone kill steals from you and you get crappy exp. You also need to customize your character more because everyone looks the same. . . You walk around and see like 30 mages all the exact same. Its thing with weapons when you atack somehting. YOur guy just moves his wepon in the same motion over and over and its so repetitive. When I tried Trantra Online the wepon movement was so cool. If you had a heavy weapon you character had a harder time weilding it. There was also different motions and stuff. The biggest thing in this game is it is repetitive, motions are all the same characters look the same and monsters are similar.

    There needs to be more quests and other objectives in this game to get you doing something other that hack n' slash. Most of the quest just require you to kill monsters and then you get a reward.

    The PvP in this game isn't the best unless your level 60 or more and if you want a lvl like that you need to paly this game alot. I palyed it for a while and im at lvl 34. Now it takes me like a day to lvl once. The only PvP I recall from when I palyed was when our town got raided by the humans, they casted lvl 60 spells over and over kill almost everyone in one hit. It was frustrating so I quite untill the raid was over cause I couldn't do anything.

    Overall, if your looking for a free mmorpg to play this is definatly then one. Although repetitive it can be fun for a while so it's worth a try.

  • dantekaozdantekaoz Member Posts: 4

    i will have to agree with you.

    there are to much troubles within connection. and i mean connection speed. also. i got disconected to often from the server. TO MUCH PORTUGUES.... AL LEAST LEARN SOME ENGLISH OR SPANISH. so, anyway, i also think the terrain sucks, and i kmow many people will be agree with me on this one.

    is not my intention to discredit this game, but really K2... ITS AWFUL. BETTER try harder next timeimageimage

  • <Lance><Lance> Member Posts: 42

    Knight online is a great game, fun game play and merchanting.


    I don't like all the bugs and dcs, and there are too many turks in this game which is what mostly turn people away from it.



  • brownspankbrownspank Member Posts: 247

    I'd give it a 2 for horrible 3D, if not for the FREEness. So, a 3 would be justifiable. I play it, anyway, I'm a cheap bastard. LOL

  • Shab_NiguratShab_Nigurat Member Posts: 64

    I don't like the game at all. Its boring and there no any trade skills or something that can make u play the game more than 1 day. U just kill mobs, raise ur lvl, and kill mobs. After that u kill mobs again to raise ur level.

  • ZoremereZoremere Member Posts: 19

    I dunno, it's pretty good. Not the greatest, but hey it's free. 3/5

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  • Boney89Boney89 Member Posts: 4
    I give it a 3.It's a good freebie game to play(the wars are especially interesting), but still if you got  enough money , I'd get Guildwars, FFXI or WoW.
  • xKillaKidxxKillaKidx Member Posts: 77

    ell i rate it good (1) but not too good, i see too many floating fire and poison arrows stuck in some certain places... (2)

    its an awesome game pretty good graphics not too good (1/2)
    needs more weapons/armor and stuff(2)

    sorta gets boring u just kill and lvl up and kill...(3)

    all the mage, rogue, warrior and priest skills are fair (2)

    partying and kicking party member is awesome too XD (1)

    so i gave it a 1 but i sorta think it should be 1/2...

  • radeonjayradeonjay Member Posts: 5
    try conquer online ppl you will never play knight again all same stuff just way more i depth. (level up and kill npcs is VERY BORING) in CO you get exp for killing higher level characters image
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