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This reminds the begining

Lord_AthonLord_Athon Member UncommonPosts: 165

Im trying the eu beta, and sometimes flash's my memory when it all begun. Too much chars trying to do the same quest, and so on. ^-^

Im not saying this is bad, the oposite, it's great to see so much life on the first levels of Atreia, yeah i still remember. So i saw what happened with L2 when it turned free, the servers get alive again and NCsW needed to open a few more servers. Will it happen with AION? The new servers, i think not, there are still enough (i think), but this crowd? Will AION get a new life with this EU free? I hope so, this game is one of the best and maybe with some code modifications (like the time we need to kill a normal mob... ugh) and it could become one blockbuster again.

We'll see

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