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What's Changed ?

ShadanwolfShadanwolf Member UncommonPosts: 2,380

I had an STO free trial  before the game went FTP. I did not feel it was compelling enough to keep my interest.

I like pve and LOVE faction vs FACTION conflict.

Can any detail the signifigant "improvements"  besides ftp ?


  • ShardWarriorShardWarrior Member Posts: 290

    Well, they have made some "improvements";


    1. They added Featured episodes that are decent. 

    2. Sector space got a new look. 

    3. They added the Foundry for user created content - so you can play tens of thousands of junk missions to find 1 good one

    4. They added "Red Alerts" to each sector for Borg invasions where you can get griefed by others. 

    5. STFs were made stupidly easy and turned into a mindless, never ending grind. 

    6. Ground combat received some improvement to port over mechanics from Champions Online.

    7. There is Duty Office System (DOFF) which is essentially the Farmville of STO

    8. Emblems etc. were all replaced with Dilithium


    Other than that, the game is still quite shallow and bland IMO.

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