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The Red And The Blue

Imagine a million billion trillion single-beam photons of white light, in perfect sync with their wave and particle forms, travelling around within an expanse of time-space.  Zooming in to one of the "nothing out of the ordinary" photons, we notice an irregularity.  This photon has actually momentarily come into contact with a tiny field of force known today as "gravity", a zero dimensional object that is not quite situated within the realms of the three dimensional universe, almost like it's just a tiny bit out of phase.


The photon of light becomes the "spark" for the start of a chain of events that are both massive and miniscule, two seperate actions that each have their own unique "equal and opposite" reaction, thus starting a new form of the "Laws of Nature".


As the photon's energy enters the new tear in the fabric of time-space, a series of events occur that are, as yet, indescribable.  A whole new form of energy is spread through-out the tear, known in this world as "life force".  So, for the first time in history, an unrecognised event has occured - and the colour of light in this universe is not white, but instead it now has red and it now has blue.


Red?  What is this "Red"?  What does it do?  What does it mean?  Is there anything else going on? 


Suddenly aware, the new form of consciousness begins to feel something we humans only know as an aspriation of self awareness.  Our new life form cannot actually see anything about itself, this is no mirrored image of itself to be-held.  It doesn't know, for example, that it is blue.  It also isn't aware that it is something we call a "sphere", but as it peers out from it's ever growing self aware state of consciousness, what it does know is that the thing it can see all around itself is a "red" thing called a "square cube".


So now we have a connundrum.  A red box with a blue ball inside has suddenly appeared. Yet a great secret exists.  The blue ball doesn't know that the red box will mature, and at that point, will split and reveal the inner ball to the emerging masses of the now newly forming choir called the "United Voice", their Universe.


A red box and a blue ball is now.  The secret is, unbeknonwst to them, one that is shared.  Indeed, another conscious form exists, but is equally unaware that it is a red  ball, and is also discovering that it can see what it knows to be a blue box.


A blue ball inside a red box, and a red ball inside a blue box.  And so, the Universe begins.


End Chapter 1

.:: In The Beginning ::.




  • minusianminusian Member Posts: 29

    In order to continue the tale, one must first address the tall story teller.  I am X, your narrator, and you may notice that I stray from the second person perspective thoughout the story telling process, amongst other types of third party activities.  I am what is known broadly throughout the territories of adventure style games as a creature of  the alignment called "Chaos".  I am a Grey, a neutral.  It is my sense of duty to my Monkdom brotherhood that I have chosen the path of the Librarian, to become a great story teller!  You will learn more about my Monks and The Library at a later date.  For now, just know that I am X!


    Let's begin with an overview of the last chapter of the story, so that we can attain for our own benifit a picture of where the story leads to.


    We begin with two worlds that have just been colonised on the first and outer-most layer of both the giant world "Red Sphere" and the related world "Blue Sphere".  Each character level will allow characters to travel deeper and deeper into the layers of the world, through a series of trap doors, studies of enlightenment, other such things as reputation and prowess, and granted even massive wealth may see a dedicated few fall through the realms of harkening to our highest level of honour, that which is known as a Grand Master Level 3.  A GM3 is the first person to discover something new, and to then take that mastery to level 1024 before opening the remaining slots for all other players to advance though the new skill's levels up to a Mastery of the max level 1025 (+/- 1).


    Imagine a world not unlike the sphere of well known George Lucas' imagary for his mighty "Death Star", except instead of being all one colour, and not being able to leave the ground, you instead traverse via a series of Moraff World's style corridors and rooms, with rooms in 2.5D "instances" bur requiring the player to then enter the first person 3D perspective again before entering into the corridoors with only basic keyboard move commands to travel throughout the level. 


    Each wall is covered by a special "wallpaper", which includes areas within each corridoor in various aspect ratios on each wall of multiple stacks of windows called "monitors", where-upon it is there possible to have a still image that cannot be changed in any way shape or form (not made of any kind of obtainable resource, for example), or further to that an entire virtual world in 2.5D or 3D, depending on your skill levels and rights to add to or take from your area of possession.  So it's a world of corridoors leading into rooms, and rooms leading into corridoors, with stairs and shop entrances, houses and if you're extreemely unlucky, hidden trapdoors.  Once you fall through the floor, you may never come back, so be wary my friend.


    At the deepest core of each planet, we have trancended the "room-corridoor-and-choices" style of living and have attained a point of elevation in social englightenment such that we now live in a lush fansty world known as "The Mysterious Garden".  It is a world much more lush than the human habitation known as Earth, with a city of light on the dark side of the planet and a city of light on the sunny side in perfect harmonious balance with each status of being.  It's a wonderful place, but never forget that to reach this place you yourself are now one of the most dangerous creatures in the known universe.  Not "God" like, more of a "Mastery of all trades, Grandmastery of the high arts" type colloquialism .


    Let me assure my audience that I am fully aware that I am leading you astray with my petty issues of detail.  All in good time.  A wonderful but sometimes difficult to tell story still awaits to any who may have that twinge of the sense of "anticipate".  Enjoy it while it lasts, because remember, each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it's our new Laws of Nature, remember?  So, when there is become life, then what shall become next?  It's not a confusing answer, just merely a confusing question.


    End Chapter 2

    .:: The Beginning Marks The End ::.


  • minusianminusian Member Posts: 29

    It is the dawn of a new era, a new age, and a new millenia.  And yet we must remind ourselves of the presense of the future memories from the dusk that, on the next new dawn, shall have just been taken away by the advent of that relentless one dimensional foolish art known as a "time-keeping", in which it will always be continuing onto never ending elongations of unknowable bounds, until we find the way of opposing its force within our future society.  Less clocks will be required in the far distant future, but until then we're left with the advent of the discovery of time keeping, one of the fundamental moments within the self awaring of a species' developments in each of his or her own massive world.


    Life has developed in two greater forms, a red form and a blue form, and so a new universe awaits each other life form to carry on towards the ultimate goal, that of true enlightnment.


    X was a wonderful and well known Finger Monk, one of the masters of the art of finger style contactive battle.  It is said a finger style Monk can kill a beast known to him with a single blow from his well trained hands, trained onto specific pressure points that the beast's body has no known means to enable it to retailiate.  Its brain is deeply seated in its animalistic sector and as always, it is unable to communicate with the greater level of its own "white matter", which functions on the outer rim of mental "consciousness" layer such that arts like "thought control" become advent of maintainance.


    It is not possible to reverse itself into that state of consciousness once its body has been taken posession of by the finger Monk's art.  Using this secret, Monks of the finger art may singe the feeble body with searing pain, or heal the most deeply seated internal injuries in mere moments.  It has the highest known honour of all the Melee arts, and uses no other weaponry.  Monks are chosen sparingly.


    It's a Monk's job to guard "The Library", our collective works of all the knowledge that has ever been gathered upon the histories of all the worlds and all the peoples - no easy feat.  Librarians are required to have leadership skill mastery before being allowed to scoure the bookshelves, so that the Political figures of the day can never be attested to any remaining greater or perhaps even yet whimpsicle "heights", since the Library has already attested to having seen their kind already, up to and including a mastery level.  There's nothing new in Politics.  As ever.


    Life now follows simple rules in this world.  There has never been a public need to over complexify things, despite individual complexities such as personality traits.  Once it was discovered that a devistating device exists called a "Trapdoor", and yet after the didscovery the community moved on, and despite the continual losses of personalities from the anomolies, there is no known way to envisage those hidden monsters, and no known way to counter act them.


    It appears some of the populations of the world feel that such events are religiously related and have tasked themselves to that end.  Well, people merely adopt from whatever stance they wish to posess for no other reason than that they ascertained their position from themselves.  Even still, there is a sincere lack of subversion and some even wish to form a new culture to take possession of their full and required destinies once again but taking their Religion as their mastery path instead.  Life goes on.


    A great prophet was fortold by a great master.  That prophet will be required to herald in the first dawn of the new age.  There is reason to believe it is important to discover who our master prophet is first, before continuing on towards the formation of all other discoveries.  Word has yet to come.


    My humble master was training at reaching the source of the great spinning mass from outside of his own consciousness.  He meant to acheieve the first step towards enlightnment - choosing your way, taking your path, possessing your destiny, and living your way.  Today was a great day to be had in this dawning era!  A wondeful and fulfilling mass of knowledge and discovery was at this advent, and more and more plans were being laid upon the grains of the strands of lifestyle choices.  It was evident that there would be a neccessity for a mighty and vast workforce.  A million million people, indeed, far too many to even count on a number!  After all, numers don't really exist, do they?


    The first steps were about to be taken.


    End Chapter 3

    .:: Hark The Herald Of The New Dawn ::.

  • minusianminusian Member Posts: 29


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