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This is eq progression server

kjempffkjempff Member RarePosts: 1,759

Thought I would give anyone who considers eq progression servers some info about what it is like. I play Vulak and have done since launch.


First, dont come back to re-experience the same magic, you will only find moments of it.. you are different and the game certainly is aswell. Trust me on this, go into the game beeing ready for something new, and you might stick. Most of the basics are the same though, but if you were the best blahblah class back in the days your tactics may not be the best now.

Alright, generally everything has gotten easier, all classes have been normalized (balanced) which means some classes which before were op now is up. Sk can now top the dps parses for example.. anyways, as I said things change so be open to it or you wont enjoy eq. No corpse runs, higher regen, new classic zones and much more, it is not the same and yet it mostly is.


90%+ of they players are veterans and that takes a bit of the magic away, and the world doesnt feel as immense as it used to (because you know it all). There is very high competition, and some raidmobs are pushovers because of the significantly higher dps of all classes - And that everyone knows what to do.

There is alot of boxing like it or not, so if you are very group dependent it is a must to find friends and guild, turning lfg on isnt enough anymore you really gotta be active.


It is no secret that population is falling, as I beleive most are here to experience the "good" expansions. You can say alot of not nice stuff about SOE, but the hacking has stopped and hackers are getting banned.

All I can say, when/if you return you will get reminded of why eq is the greatest mmorpg ever or why you quit eq - Or both.

Personally I am playing eq till I burn out again, and it has given me good times and bad times as eq has always done, these are just new times but I cant really think of any other so called mmo I want to play at the moment.


Feel free to add info I forgot, and see you in Norrath .. maybe.


  • dreamer05dreamer05 Member UncommonPosts: 679

    Which expansion are the progression servers currently at?


    "God, please help us sinful children of Ivalice.."

  • headphonesheadphones Member Posts: 611

    the mmo world needs a new norrath.

  • dreamer05dreamer05 Member UncommonPosts: 679

    Originally posted by headphones

    the mmo world needs a new norrath.



    "God, please help us sinful children of Ivalice.."

  • LetsinodLetsinod Member UncommonPosts: 385

    Google Project 1999.  Old world and Kunark only.  Usually 500-800 people playing at any given time.  Tons of fun...

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    Originally posted by dreamer05

    Which expansion are the progression servers currently at?

    currently in Luclin, 

    POP/LDON expected to open up in around 2 weeks


  • LidaneLidane Member CommonPosts: 2,300

    Originally posted by Letsinod

     Tons of fun...

    And illegal, since it's stealing from Sony.

    Yeah, they make questionable decisions about their games, but they still own the IP. Ripping them off isn't cool.

  • LetsinodLetsinod Member UncommonPosts: 385

    Mmmmm.I have given SOE more money than you can think of.  The bottom line is that these servers have been up for over 4 years and SOE has done nothing to them.  The Classic servers are great.  Old World and Kunark only.  Tons of people playing and having fun again.  I am not sure how you think I am ripping them off since I did BUY my EQ game and legally own it.  I don't see why I should have to keep paying them since I already paid my sub fee for 5 years (which I happily did). 

  • LidaneLidane Member CommonPosts: 2,300

    Not the point. Emulated servers are using illegal code, since they're not coming from the copyright owners. So yes, you're ripping them off if you're not playing on a Sony server.

    BTW, you don't own the game. When you bought the box, you bought a license that gave you access to the game. Read the fine print sometime. That's how MMOs work. The only thing on the discs you buy is software that installs the launcher and assets that are able to remain user-side, but the actual game itself? It's on the official servers for that game, since you have to be online, on their servers to be able to play.

    I'm sure you paid them sub fees. I paid EQ sub fees for a few years myself. But just because you paid sub fees doesn't mean that an unofficial server is okay.

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    PoP has indeed gone live.

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