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Advice on Fan Controller and fan setup

goouiegoouie Member Posts: 44

I am looking at getting a fan controller for my case a CoolerMaster HAF922, I have 3 200mm case fans. As my configuration goes the front has a 200mm intake, the side is a 200mm outgoing and the top is a 200mm outgoing air. The rear is occupied by a Corsair H60 that is bringing in air thru its radiator(120mm). I had hooked up one of the 200mm fans to my MB and when I was in my bios is was only showing spinning at 400rpm which it should be at 700rpm. Should I get  fan controller and hook all my fans to it to make sure im getting full rpm and is my fan configuration correct. If you can recommend any controllers I would appreciate it, Thanks



  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,059

    Your H60 fan is backwards - it needs to point out.

    When in doubt, point it out.

    Aside from that, the configuration looks ok.

    Now for your fan controller:
    There are a lot of options. I probably would get those 200mm off the motherboard, as bigger fans have a tendency to burn out fan headers on motherboards - they aren't meant to handle large fan loads. As long as the fan is spinning and moving air, it's probably good enough. Yes, 700rpm would move more air, but it would also be noisier, and you may not really need it. But I would get them off the motherboard just in case: those headers are only meant to provide something like 2W per fan not to exceed 5W total (depends on motherboard make and model, but that's ballpark), and a 200mm fan can easily draw 5-10W each.

    On the cheap, and if you don't need to adjust the speed and just want them at max rpm all the time, just get a power supply adapter. They are about $2 US each - probably could find them even cheaper or make your own if you really wanted to.


    If you want to be able to vary their speed, then a small controller like this would work - a speed adjustment knob for up to 5 fans, takes one hard drive bay slot. These basic controllers are about $25, and control a handful of fans.


    A Fancy controller runs about $50, but includes temperature sensors with an LCD readout


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,246

    In my system a fan controller is necessary.  I use 2 high cfm fans on the bottom pulling air in.  I have a fan at the top and back pushing air out, and 1 in the front pulling air in.  I think I should turn the one in the front around.  The reason it needs a fan controller is because the fans on the bottom of my case can exceed 50 dB at full speed.  One of them also died on me and I don't feel like pulling it out so I reduced the RPM to 0.

    I use and NZXT with display fan controller.  Its looks nice but is poorly built.  It beeps for no reason, the temperature sensors have a difficult time holding onto my case, it limits the RPM I can pull off my fans, and the display sometimes loses power.  I wish I got a plain one with analog dials.

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