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After all these years..I quit because

pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 548

1)Connectivity got worse, year by year...I was playing with 90-130 ms for almost 3 years , then it got worse, around 180-260 ms with terrible lag spikes all over Khitai(old world works sweet)

2)Raiding takes too long time. Even the smaller dungeon need 2 hours sometimes. A raid could take 2-4 hours sometimes! And not because of the incompetence of the players , but also due to lag, disconnects from server due to memory leak crashes(yes they still happen).In general,trash mobs are way too many in this game.In addition, some sort of raid finder would be quite convinient for people like me with so little free time. Yes i know that Global chat works fine for most...But i don't like being "glued" on my screen having the fear i might miss an ad.

 3)Being in small guilds is same as being doomed in hell. Only the large numbered guilds can actually have success in both pvp and pve. In pvp they get all these keep buffs. In pve they have a better rythym into filling in raid spots and finishing fast and easily.Small guilds have to re-log all the time to arrange all the classes.And believe me when i say that relogging alts in AOC is worse than dentist drilling your tooth with a pickaxe. Way to slow ! In the end smaller guild are forced to create out of game alliances supported by websites,teamspeak,phones etc but NEVER supported by Funcom.After all these years an no alliance mechanics still!

4)All the changes that Funcom did to attract a larger population totally destroyed Conan's lore. In all ways. This was a perfect game for Role Play.Now you see people around named as C.O.N.A.N. and iwanttoscrewyourmom and noone is doing anything about it. Even when you are not into RP, having a mature rated game filled up with raging sexomaniac teenagers is a sure incurable "cancer".Also not enforcing Global Chat rules has turned it into a multilingual carnival .So immersion is gone.

So after all these years since the terrible launch and all the patience people like me showed to Funcom the game has transformed .In some aspects to the best, in others to the worse.It's all about choice and as long as i feel a negative vibe about the game i can no longer pay for it. Please feel free to share your feelings,specially old timers of the game.


  • DavirokDavirok Member UncommonPosts: 75

    (Aquilonia RP-PvP)3 , that was a real server, even tho ive been also in Fury and ive had really good times there, theres nothing compared to my two previous servers Indomitus and AQ, just becuase PvP used to work (5 Levels not 10 bori crap), and its community was really good.

  • pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 548

    I came from even way back..Corinthia...Eventhough the game technically was far inferior to the current state...the community was way healthier(not in numbers but in quality)

  • fenistilfenistil Member Posts: 3,005

    AoC is just on slippery sloap to feel into poo.  There is no turnick back this now imo.


    TSW is Funcom main project now and it will be for next years. Afaik they have really high hopes for it and so almost all dev resources are focused on it ,and they still will be in future.


    Funcom know that there is no way AoC will gain alot more players so that's why it has skeleton crew ,so well imo you did a good decision.

    If you don't like curent AoC they best is to leave, cause if someone is waiting for some major changes. Well in best case scenario this will be really long wait.

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