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Priest Class Newbie Guide

ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

Priest Starter Guide

This is a fairly simple guide as I've provided some screenshots to follow. Remember any questions can be asked in-game across the NEWBIE channel, and you can also ask citymates for help.


Pros and Cons

Pros: Extremely tanky. Many passive healing abilities, arguably the best bashing class. Best PvP healing, can nearly instantly heal yourself or any ally nearby of any affliction. Useful in any team situation.

Cons: Boring for 1 versus 1 duels if you do not like playing a defensive turtle. Class is roleplay enforced, which means you could lose your skills if you don't follow the path of Good. You won't lose the class, but many skills won't work.


Cities that accept Priests: Shallam, Cyrene

Houses that accept Priests: The Empyreal Assembly


The first thing a Priest wants to do is train their skills up. Starting from the Ring of Portals (type PORTALS to get there), read the sign in the room by typing READ SIGN. We want to go south, to the room with more portals.


Now go east to find the NPC tutor, Averroes.



This is a good time to check your SKILLS and your STAT. Under STAT, it tells you various things about yourself such as how hungry you are, how dressed you are, how many hours you've played and most important, how many lessons you have. Lessons are spent on increasing your SKILLS. You gain more lessons by levelling up, or through promotions.




When you find Averroes, you want to train in Spirituality and Devotion. All you have to do is learn a batch of 15 lessons in each. You do this by typing LEARN 15 SPIRITUALITY FROM AVERROES, then he will train you for a bit and you will see your skill level go up when the lessons is over.




You can see what new abilities you've unlocked in each skill by using the AB command. So remember, typing SKILLS will show you all of your skills, and typing AB SPIRITUALITY will show you what abilities you have in the Spirituality skill.



You probably want a bashing weapon by now, so look at AB SPIRITUALITY MACE.



A mace is a Priest's most powerful bashing weapon, so type SUMMON MACE. After you summon it, try WIELD MACE.



Now let's look at Devotion (remember, type AB DEVOTION) to see your Healing skills. Hands is going to be your best friend, hands down (pun intended). It heals you for a good amount of health and you can sip health elixir on top of it. PERFORM HANDS is the command, but we want to set some aliases.



What are aliases? Well, we don't want to type out SMITE IMP everytime you want to attack, so setting an alias lets you assign any command you type to any button you want to press. For example, type SETALIAS 1 SMITE IMP. Now everytime you enter 1, you will attack.

Set the aliases you see here in the screenshot.



After setting aliases, you probably want to start killing things and levelling. A good newbie area is Minia, where you can kill imps and sell their bodies to the Pixie Queen. You can also kill pixies and give their bodies to the Imp Lord, but Priest's don't do that! You follow Good, remember?

To get to Minia, type PORTALS to return to the Ring of Portals. Read the sign, and go to Minia. Youwill see a butterfly collector named Vellis, and if you want you can type GREET VELLIS to get a quest from him. He will explain it to you if you choose. If you'd rather kill imps, type READ SIGN and take the path towards the Ember Tower.



Once you find the Ember Tower, you can start killing imps by using the aliases you created earlier. If you want to create more aliases, read HELP ALIASES in-game.



If your health gets low and into the red, you can quickly enter 1 and 2 together to heal yourself using health elixir and Devotion.



After you have a bunch of imp corpses, you can type PORTALS again, go back to Minia, then take the path towards the pixie village. When you find the pixie queen, type GIVE IMP TO QUEEN and spam it until you are out of corpses. Wait a few minutes for the imps to start respawning, then do it a few more times.


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