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Wakfu or Dofus?

AvsRock21AvsRock21 Member UncommonPosts: 256

So I hadn't heard much about these two games until recently. Since Wakfu was newer and now in open beta I downloaded it and tried it for the last week. Haven't played it a whole lot though. I definitely think it is a very unique and fun game. My question is, should I play Wakfu or Dofus? Wakfu might have a wipe after open beta, which would make playing it now pointless. Also from what I hear, Wakfu still has plenty of bugs. Is there any reason to play Dofus instead? Are a lot of the Dofus players gonna stick with Dofus once Wakfu comes out? -Thanks


  • SyrusSyiSyrusSyi Member Posts: 366

    I think you should play wakfu right now why it is in open beta to figure out what class and etc you will want to play as for when the game launches.

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