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Action Report: UAS Thebes - The Battle of All Hallows Eve

TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts Member UncommonPosts: 1,555

Everything you are about to read happened in game. it is not just a story. We do RP in game though. 


- Chief Petty Officer's Log, Fluv -

- October 31, 2244 - 

Today's events are about the most melancholy day for the UAS citizens and Fleet. We had two Ticonderoga class starships get disabled by one of the Pirates K type Interceptors, the Sombra. First the Thebes was ambushed on returning to Sol and was completely disabled. I do not know the details of the events before then I as was knocked out in my quarters. When I woke I checked CINT to find that the Thebes had very few life signs on board. So I gather up anyone left and put them into EV suits and revived them some new Lt. I don't recognize almost died three times on me as I was applying CPR. Many of the crew where taken prisoner. CO Caristo and XO Creed chief among them. 

The Second ship to get disabled was the Roosevelt who was on a rescue mission to recover us, she had problems towing us the tractor beam would not acquire a lock no matter what they tried. The Pirate used some sort of weird technology where the Roo could not get a weapons lock on the Sombra and fire.(targeting bug, which I think hit them too) After failed attempts to return fire the Roo could only last so long and eventually succumbed to the onslaught. The Roo's CO was capture along with many members of her crew. I was ported over to the Roo before the Sombra engaged her and was one of the few remain people left alive on that ship at the end of the engagement. I sent out a distress called which was answered buy the Sao Paolo and the Milner. Which brought both the ships, which are both repairing in Sol at the moment. The Sombra escaped before the rescue ships could arrive.

End Log CPO Fluv. -

- Chief Petty Officer's Log, Church -

- October 31, 2244 - 

I'll start when CPO Fluv's log ended. After the two ships made it back into dock with the CCF. Over hyper-wave communications. Wolf Pack, as the pirates call themselves offered a prisoner exchange for needed medical supplies, weapons, not to forgot 4 Fleet Officer Jackets, because they don't have medals of their own. I was told to make the rendezvous with a third party intermediary at the Terra Space Port bar, where many seedy deals are made daily. After pushing through the tightly packed crowds and smoky hallways, a man found me poked me, I ask him if he was the man. He told me to simply point out where we stashed the goods. I gave him the location and he went on his way. A few hours later the Wolf Pack contacted me and told me they where sending five of our high ranking officers to the medical center on Terra. Most disturbing of all, they said one of the our officers squealed and gave out valuable information about fleet. What information I do not know, who knows if they are telling the truth or the officer gave them false information. My colleague, Fluv and I are going to day a few days off from duty and reevaluate our futures in fleet.

End Log CPO Church -

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