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Ship Scaling

itgrowlsitgrowls Member Posts: 2,951

Hi folks, was wondering if anyone had data on how they handle ship scaling now? Used to be during the sub only game that you had to have a particular tier of ship to be effective at end game content. 

Now the ships say "Minimum Rank: Captain" or "Minimum Rank: Lt. General" on the KDF side. Does this mean the ships scale with the rank of the captain? If so could one purchase a MRank Captain ship and be effective in Combat? The reason I'm asking is there's a gorn carrier that i would like but I'm not sure if i should spend the points on it since it's captain rank however  if it scales it should be no trouble. I'm not getting something like a lt. class ship because i know that won't work well. This one's stats seem close enough to a Tier 5 counterparts that I'm curious if anyone's tried this. I'm not playing the game on hardcore btw just having fun with the normal pve stuff.

Here are the stats: 

Minimum Rank: Captain

Crew: 1,750

Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 Aft

Device Slots: 4

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical; 1 Lieutenant Engineering; 1 Commander Engineering; 1 Ensign Science; 1 Lieutenant Science

Console Upgrades: 2 Tactical; 3 Engineering; 2 Science

Base Turn Rate: 7 degrees per second

Impulse Modifier: 0.17

Hull Strength: 32,500

Hangar Bay

+5 Power to All Subsystems

Tachyon Drones


  • ShardWarriorShardWarrior Member Posts: 290

    Ship scaling still works as it did when the game had a sub.  The "minimum rank" is just a flag to let you know you cannot use the ship below the specified rank.  IIRC you cannot even buy it if you are not high enough rank to use it.  Ship stats (hull, crew etc.) do not scale with you as you level.


    You can probably get away with using a Captain level ship at end game, but the C-Store "retrofit" versions are much better IMO.   I would not recommend using anything below Captain rank at end game.  You see folks doing this every so often out of boredom and they get completely annihilated by the Borg in STFs.

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