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Which BO skills for Fleet Escort with cannons?

Can't figure out what skills to choose besides Attack Pattern Omega (shared CD with other APs?), Tactical Team (how to train III?), Torpedoes and Mines skills.

Since i use beams only in rear bank, all the other skills are kind of useless, arn't?


  • dumbo11dumbo11 Member Posts: 134

    Ability for cannons = "Cannon Rapid Fire"  (I->III).

    A rear beam can work (you can use Target Subsystem:[shields/aux/engines/weapons] with 1 beam).  The downside is that I believe cannons only hit a 45-ish degree arc in front of the ship, and that's the area rear beams won't hit... so it's a general dps loss.

    Otherwise you could use turrets (lower dps than beams, but they hit 360 degrees [I think], and are also buffed by cannon abilities like CRF).

    In terms of TAC team, I haven't played much in a looooong time - but I used to use 2x TAC team 1 and spam them - 10s uptime with 15s cooldown means it's active 2/3 of the time :).

  • itgrowlsitgrowls Member Posts: 2,951

    i tend to use the turrets in the back as they are 360 and can hit anything so even when the front cannons are not available or in range the back ones are always firing helps keep the shields down. You can use a beam in the back or one in the front just for the purposes of using the disable abilities that are beam only shots but i find that rapid fire and the aoe do just fine, the rapid fire combined with the torpedo aoe is great!

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