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New dungeons launch

QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,261

Today's patch brought the addition of four new dungeons to the game:  Syracuse church, Bordeaux church, Lima church, and Palenque.  All have upper and middle floors, but not lower.  If they're analogous to the game's previous three dungeons (Giza, Luxor, and Abu Simbel), then the upper portion will have three floors and the middle will have five.

Based on location and the star ratings listed on the site, I'm guessing that the Bordeaux and Syracuse dungeonsa are basically low level dungeons and an introduction to the concept.  The others will presumably be higher level.  Dungeons aren't really my bailiwick, but I've got the adventuring skills, so I'll probably end up picking up the quests to help some company members unlock the dungeons.  And then they can carry me through the dungeons so that I can can get the quests to unlock deeper levels for them.

The Lima church dungeon probably isn't available yet, as Lima doesn't have a church.  It presumably will once the city gets more investment.  More importantly, more investment should bring an archive.

For those who aren't familiar with dungeons in UWO, the basic idea is that it's vaguely similar to the instanced dungeons in some other MMORPGs.  One key difference is that Koei realized that a bunch of mobs breaking up into groups of three or so and patiently waiting their turn to be pulled was completely stupid, so when you aggro anything on a floor in UWO, you aggro everything on the floor.  There aren't very many mobs on a floor, so a five floor dungeon means five pulls, not five floors of twenty pulls each.

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