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Help populate our BF3 server! Multiplay::[SG] Stealth Gaming ADAPTIVE SIZE:::BF3+B2K, Chicago

Dark-AsylumDark-Asylum Member Posts: 300

Me and a few of my friends all pitched in to rent a BF3 server for our gaming community. We havne't had it very long but have had a slightly difficult time populating it. Right now the capacity is 8 BUT the server is ADAPTIVE!  When at least 7 players join, the cap will be dynamically adjusted to 16, when the server reaches 13 players it will be adjusted to 32, up to 48.

We are currently running Conquest - Small maps with a mix of the 4 B2K maps, once our server can populate on it's own easily we intend to switch the BF3 maps to Conquest 64 while leaving the capacity at 48 for optimal gameplay.

You can go directly to the server here:

or add to your favorites. We have a community site for members to register on so please if you have suggestions or want to chat with us, check out

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