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Thanks for the negative experience.

lordoddlordodd Member Posts: 14

I get the regualr Newsletter #319 and read it with interest as I normally do. What's new and exciting in the MMO world?
Oh look, it is time for People's choice! I like voting in people's choice so I click on the link and go there.
Wait? What? It won't let me vote?
I look down the list of comments to see if others are having problems....and I see this:
SBFord writes:

Thanks for your participation everyone! Voting has closed and, while the results are obvious, we'll be making an official announcement and feature next week!
Closed!  1/18/12 2:33:53 AM

Oh that was quick... OK, I go back to my email to check the time it was sent:

17 January 2012 20:15


Why would you do this? Why would you offer me the opportunity to have a say and then take it away?  I had a whole 5 hours and 38 minutes to read and submit my opinion starting at 8:15 at night!

If you don't want us Newsletter readers to vote, just omit the topic altogether.

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