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The BanHammer Falls!! LMAO

JaszJasz Member UncommonPosts: 67

       I'm sure you hear the sob stories from people who get banned all the time. I, myself usually read them and laugh my butt off. This time I'm the one writing it and I'm still laughing..mainly because of the stupidity of GamersFirst but also because if it wasn't me I totally wouldn't believe it. I have grown a love for the G1 F2P version of Fallen much that its actually the first F2P game I've decided to spend money on. I play it often and never had any issues..oh but that's not my see...several months ago I played the beta of a horrible game. One with a crazy amount of potential that got totally screwed by the amount of hackers and the seeming carelessness about handling them. This atrocious game is called APB Reloaded. I had 2 characters in the game...I'll name them. NubbyMcFailerson and L0B0. 1 enforcer and 1 crim. I really sucked at this me you didn't have to hack to beat me. I was literally so bad that I ran around with a rocket launcher because it was the only way I could get any kills at all. Anyone who played against me or with me can attest that I was horrible. So bad that there is no way you'd ever want me on your team. The OSMAW (rocket launcher) helped me squeeze my way to a silver rating with Nubby. My lack of huge explosion weapon with L0B0 meant I had a bronze rating...wasn't pretty. Well, the amount of hackers and my overall suckage was finally cause for me to stop playing APB and I have only logged on maybe once in the last couple months...but I found my new love in Fallen Earth so I felt no ill-will towards G1. I have dealt with major family issues the last 2 weeks or so and haven't been able to play Fallen Earth...until today. I logged on and to my surprise I get a message (account blocked)...hmm...odd. So I send a ticket to G1 and ask them (not very politely) why my account is blocked. Not 10 minutes later I get a meesage saying that I was spotted using a 3rd party program in APB Reloaded. My account would not be unblocked and all future tickets would be deleted. For hacking in a game that I don't play and have never hacked in..and to top it all off isn't the G1 game I'm currently playing. First thing I thought is .. wow my account must have been hacked, this sucks. But, then I start to think...if my account was hacked and I got banned wouldn't they send me an email saying I was banned, which never happened. Now I can still play Fallen Earth on a different account...without the items I paid for, but I won't. G1 will not look into this..they won't accept any tickets from that seals it. I've lost and I've done nothing wrong...well I guess thats a lie. I tried a horrible game (APB) and believed the publishers of that atrocity would be smart enough to handle Fallen Earth was I wrong. Lesson learned, don't spend money on a f2p game and if you decide too, don't let it be a game published by G1. LOL


  • oubersoubers Member UncommonPosts: 855

    not even bothering of reading, i just left to a readable thread.



  • DanbaccaDanbacca Member UncommonPosts: 245

    not even bothering of reading, i just left to a readable thread.







  • DarwaDarwa Member UncommonPosts: 2,177

    Or in short (assuming OP is innocent)....

    'My account was blocked in error and instead of asking why, I was rude from the start and they banned me'

  • DakeruDakeru Member EpicPosts: 3,363

    There was a big discussion not long ago where people were banned on APB. The game scans your system and looks for third party tools. 

    The statement was that even if the tool doesn't affect APB - if you have any kind of cheats or hacks on your pc (even for offline games) then it will be detected and you will get banned.


    I guess that's what happened to you now and I don't mean this in a judging way. I used to use the Action Replay on my SNES back then. Not cause I needed unlimited lives or any of the shit but to cause mischief. Things such as unlocking endgame weapons to have a laugh on games which I had beaten in a legit way countless times.


    But yes I understand G1 about scanning systems against hacks as well. I have been banning bots on an online game for years so I understand the issue.

  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    so ,,they can detect if a player cheats in any other game,,BUT NOT IN THEIR OWN?

    makes perfect sense

    lets see, how many will return , after they fix the last patch disaster

    they really dont have a big playerbase to bleed anymore, so they better get their act together fast

  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912
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