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Happy 2012 and crafting news!

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 80

Happy new year to all PlaneShifters! We start the 2012 by bringing you three news for crafters!


  • The first news is that we implemented leather working.

    There are two phases to it: making leather pieces and crafting a leather armor. A crafting manual is required for each and those can be acquired through quests. The leatherworking skill allows you to make leather materials (all those hides in your inventory will come in handy). Leatherworking tables with a puncher and water barrel have been added by Hirenn in Ojaveda and the Grotemeys in Hydlaa. Then the existing armor making skill in combination with the book "Making Leather Armor" will enable you to make a full array of leather armor: gloves, boots, arms, pants, and torso (gloves to start and the rest at increasing skill levels). You can even now make a leather cap.

  • The second news is that we decided to merge the skills for making axes, knifes and swords into one skill called "blades making". This will allow a crafter to build all blades without the need to rank up in each individual skill.

    We applied the following rule to set the blades making skill to your existing chars. We took the max between axe/knife/sword and assigned it to blades making, plus we gave half of the sum of the other 2 skills as a bonus to the new leather working skill so you can have a good start with it!

    To learn leathermaking you should visit Hirenn in Ojaveda and the Grotemey family in Hydlaa.

  • Third news is there are now several new shield making manuals available via quests. Can you find them all?

We also added a speak perception to NPCs so they should be aware of when you speak with them and not run away.

2012 will be a fantastic year for PlaneShift! With tons of great additions, we can't wait to work more on it and see your feedback!

Come to play or enhance our game PlaneShift!
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