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Just noticed they put this up

DashiDMVDashiDMV Member Posts: 362

Nice to see there is a Sword Girls section here. I know before when talking about other online card games, they were not considered MMOs and people mainly dismissed them off the site.


Having played this through both beta phases I can say that it is fun but is at any early stage so it can be a bit repetitive. The good thing about this game is nearly any card can be made using in-game materials so the cash shop effect is pretty low. That is the main selling point with me. I felt some of the cards were a little high priced for what they were offering in beta. It was bascially 35 cents per card but you got the same low cards 95% of the time. It was much easier to do the dungeons and just make the good cards you wanted. For those willing to spend money, I hope the company either raises the rate you get good cards at or lowers the price per card. 

Of course you can't talk about this game without mentioning the anime aspect. Basically it is a card game of anime girls all battling against each other (hence the name). So they are trying to reach fans of all types. For some this the main reason they play but the card game is not bad in terms of structure. It is a bit on the simple side but the matches are fun and fast which makes a big difference in games like these.

If you are playing a MMO and want something to do during Alt+Tab breaks ro downtime, or are a card/anime fan, this game is at least worth a try.



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