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So, has anyone heard anything about EverQuest Next



  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Originally posted by Rusty715

    I dunno. I think a lot of us would pay a sub if a game was worth the money. What scares me about the F2P / Freemium model is that the best ones were developed with P2P in mind and with higher standards. F2P games developed with that payment model in mind are lacking. At least ive not found one of the quality of a P2P game.

    Well, a good game does not have a problem earning money no matter how you pay to play it. there is 2 reasons to make a freemium game from launch, either is the game not good enough to be released as a P2P game or SOE think they will earn more money on freemium.

    So to me it sounds like SOE plan to have loads of microtransactions. I mean if you can get players to both pay a monthly fee and sell them tons of crap at the same time you earn more money unless it backfires.

    DDO did prove the concept of freemium but the more games that go to it  the less interest gets each game with the payment method. DDO tenfolded it´s earning in just a few months after it changed model and later games have said they initially doubled the earning but games like EQ2 and AoC have not really said much about it since a month or 2 after they changed. And LOTRO have suddenly turned around and start selling items with stats so I have a feeling even Turbine is feeling the winds of change.

    Nah, I hope SOE see that EQ2 really isn´t doing that great since they changed model and decide something else. B2P with itemshop would be a lot better as long as they stop the monthly fees you more or less must pay to get the entire game in EQ2. Or just go back to P2P without the idiotic RMT shop, I actually believe that it would make most money in the long run.

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