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Finding RP: Do's and Don't's

NomiMNomiM Member Posts: 21

RP is one of the best things about IRE games. You're always immersed into your character, so RPing is effortless. You don't need to do something like "/w SilentNight32154 Want to RP? I'd like to play a cave troll guarding a magic sword." or anything like that -- you just play your character how you want to. But I do see the same mistakes being made over and over again, and I thought I'd write this little guide to help potential players out:



- Make a good in-character name. Fluffy isn't too good, John is better, Aravire is great. 

- Make a good description -- this is how people see your character. Don't make it too long at first, let your character grow into your description. Let him or her acquire scars over time, or tattoos. Don't be a 18 yearold battle-scarred veteran who's seen as much action as a 350 yearold General.

- Talk to people (WITHOUT text-speak), use their titles. "Greetings, General." or "Greetings, Archon." or "Hail, Tyrannus." are all great. "SUP BABY U WANT TO LVL?? LOL IM HAVIN TRUBBLE ALONE." is really, really bad

- Try to have a few character-specific traits. Maybe your character hates Tsol'aa. Maybe your character will never speak to Evil people. Maybe your character has a little twitch in his eye any time he gets upset.

- Use custom-emotes. Simple things, like "emote uses a small cloth to wipe the blood from his blade, then sheathes it smoothly." followed by actually sheathing your sword are tasteful and add a little spice to your character to make them stand out.

- Walk around, say hello, ask philosophical questions (or, if your character isn't that bright, ask simple questions!). Don't give up if the first few people you see don't respond!

- Use the voice / accent system. Something like "Aralov says in a friendly voice, "Hello!"" is good.

- Have fun!!!






- Use an over-used "theme". Examples of this are stutters, "scottish" dwarves, pregnancy, etc. All of these have been done before, and (usually) done pretty badly, leaving most people to view them negatively.

- Force your RP on others. If you want to play a rape-victim or something equally dramatic and intense, find other people who want to deal with your character. Approaching someone who's busy and crying on their shoulder will more likely than not leave you disappointed.

- Take it personally. Remember that it's a game, and the person behind the other screen isn't out to get you.

- Join OOC clans. A lot of older players look back and regret doing that, as it tends to have a negative impact on immersion.

- Play something you don't enjoy. If you don't like playing your character anymore, find a new avenue to take it towards rather than feeling a sense of obligation not to "change" your character.

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