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English version

boulibratboulibrat Member Posts: 17

From my information close producer i know that they work for english version. I know that they will be translate in parts and instal in game in parts. This will start in next week. This will be happy for fans. Next for translate will be russians version. Let's remember that you can help with production. If you know computers informatics, you have idea for quest or music etc... you can be invite to team. You can go to forum and you can adds your opinions. Game is from players to players and all can have participation if yours ideas will be good ;) Sorry for english



  • SaibamenSaibamen Member Posts: 3

    Now team works on new database. Current database really sucks, because only one people can work with her in one time. New database will allow few people working at one database in one time (for example: one people - working with quests, second - working with shops etc). This feature will really speed up works on database.

    Now you (yes - you, not we :P - I'm from Poland) must waiting for new database, then team must change all database records to translatable and translating to english :)

    Originally posted by Jog (EtherFields Team) in official forum

    We are working at new data base, letting us to translate game.
    When data base will be ready we will immediately translate it.

    Sorry for my english

  • juxionjuxion Member Posts: 12

    I am currently testing this and I am having fun just exploring the world and killing mobs even though I cant read what's being said,lol.I cant wait till it's translated.

  • boulibratboulibrat Member Posts: 17

    Now only wait for news from Black Eye about translation . I think this will be much of news  

  • SaibamenSaibamen Member Posts: 3

    Yeah! Now team searching 3 persons for english translation.
    see this URL

    And Jog translateg the latest news from 10th January 2012: see this URL

  • boulibratboulibrat Member Posts: 17

    XD You see! It is  place in this game for best ppl from us who wont made game but dont know how start.

  • F2Pelerin118F2Pelerin118 Member UncommonPosts: 124

    That's good news about the database and translation, It's also nice to have news posted in english : ) thx for the info guys.

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