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What I think OF This game so far and its not good.

RenoakuRenoaku Member RarePosts: 2,565

1. Dragona has Good Visuals, and the Character Armor, and such looks great in my opinion they did a good Job on the Enviormental visuals and such.

2. However on the Negative Side about this game, The Game itself has good potential, however just like NcSoft, and Nexon, and Perfect World International, the game company is taking base features of the game, and charging people for Respec/Changing their skills in the game itself, and this is a big NoNo/Negative about the game that draws me away from playing their MMO, or putting a single dollar into their game. When I play a MMORPG, if the game has in depth customization like Aion, or a Skills System like this game, I want to be able to choose my skills and change them freely when and where I want to, extra features like Bonus XP, Premium Subscribe Packs, Pets, I am willing to pay for such if I actually can enjoy the game.

They do not tell the player the Max Level in the game, or how many points they have to spend Max, They also do not have a Skill Calculator Yet either, which is another major problem when they are charging you $10 per change.

3. OverAll this game is about nothing more from level 1-13 so far of click here go Kill this mob, complete quest click the icon at top repeat another quest of go here kill that, No Action PVP so far, and even if there was action PVP, tihs game would lack the skill customization for people to freely choose their skills and know what they like.

4. The only thing they give you is Two free resets throught the game that is all, and to me that makes it so I can't enjoy the MMO the way I feel I should be able to.

5. The Game X-Trap program,  takes over certain Multimedia Keyboards not allowing people to turn up and down their volume properly with their keyboard.

6. When Closing Dragona on Windows Vista 64 bit OS systems teh game quite often says the program stopped working for some odd reason, and is really buggy maybe its because its still in Beta, but these are bugs that should have already been solved in closed beta.

7. Another thing that is not a good sign is that their entire Suggestions forum is closed off so the Google Bot, cant search their forum because they don't want how bad they are doing to become public on any MMO message boards or such.

8. As far as I know Extra Storage, and Inventory only apply's to one character as well so it isn't bound per account so to actually unlock such for multiple characters on the same account you have to pay seperately for each one, also the cost for the skill reset tickets is $10 USD per reset, so imagine if you wanted to try out 6 different builds at level 25 yourself that would be $60 USD in the same exact day.

9. Some people may debate this, however this game must not be doing too great for a MMORPG because if it were they would have more than one server open already however they only currently got one server running, and the only thing I can really give them credit for is a good Secondary Password system to prevent account hacking, otherwise based on what I am seeing this game is going to be Pay 2 Win, and cost a lot for players that want to get the most out of their game.

10. Something I really forgot to add, is that this game has a lot of Botters Botting already., not much spam in chat yet that I have seen but I have seen a lot of Gold Farmers farming gold.

But hey in the end, don't take my word for it, as the game is Free 2 Play download the game if you wish, and give it a try see if you like it that much.

Oh and for those who didn't know I think the developer of this game is also the one currently developing Queens Blade, as the title screen says Live Plex, and so did some of the Queens Blade stuff I was Looking at, so we will see how that one goes if I can't stand to play this one.

We still have UpComing MMORPG titles such as.

1. Fire Fall

2. Guild Wars 2

3. Continent OF The Ninth

4. Blade & Soul

5. Tera Online

As far as how these future releases will do I don't know, right now from my experience if C9 Developers don't get greedy with their cash shop, and keep the game fun, they will have the ability to take down Vindictus run by Nexon, but if they get greedy then they might not do too well, and I am sure they wont do too well either if they make the game Pay 2 Win.

Remember: That as a F2P game or MMO developer, your JOB is to make the game experience for for everyone else, the more fun people are having, the more money they are likely to fork out into a MMORPG, think of it like gambling if someone is on a wining streak even if it isn't a lot of money, or knows they have a big chance to win 1 Million Dollars for real, they are more than likely to keep playing to try to go for that, loosing money all around but they are paying, its kinda like the game Entropia Univers for example, when you go mining it is just like gambling, you have a chance to make an instant $100 USD, or a chance to loose everything, but the game keeps people on the edge of their seats when they go on a streak like I have.



  • serges64serges64 Member Posts: 1

    how long did it take them to send email for u to confirm its been 7hrs for me

  • ClassicstarClassicstar Member UncommonPosts: 2,697

    Ithought hey lets try one of these free 2play games becouse i saw add here on and that a globalserver was just released for this game, ill give it try.

    Well what a mistake lol.

    I quit after 2 days.

    First failor constantly repeating quests and its only quests plus fact that you are rather heavy depended on others if there willing to group you.

    Second failor Cashshop.

    Third failor Community man is this community bad ive not seen such idiotic players in years. When you enter the Bagdal ship instance or goddess instance people join and when inside and they die they leave lol or afk or no communication at all. Ithink 80% is not english speaking bah:(

    visuals are ok and world dont look that bad but the stupid quests and repetion with insanely selfish and idiotic community this game will faill misrable. Oh and through the server global channel GOLDSELLERS WTF:(

    Becouse of these negative points i give 5/10 only becouse gameworld looks ok hehe rest sucks.

    P.S Oh forgot to mention PVP sucks even more but transformation of character is nice touch tho.

    Hope to build full AMD system RYZEN/VEGA/AM4!!!

    MB:Asus V De Luxe z77
    CPU:Intell Icore7 3770k
    GPU: AMD Fury X(waiting for BIG VEGA 10 or 11 HBM2?(bit unclear now))
    MEMORY:Corsair PLAT.DDR3 1866MHZ 16GB
    PSU:Corsair AX1200i
    OS:Windows 10 64bit

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