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Skyrim + TOR overflow started yet ?

allegriaallegria San Francisco, CAMember CommonPosts: 682

It is probably a bit too soon for this but was curious about population.

It is probably a bit early for the TOR overflow but are poeple coming back yet ? 

When Skyrim hit I think everyone was playing that, VG pop went way down so i snuck off to DDO for a while :)


  • blythegablythega SydneyMember UncommonPosts: 174

    Population is great. Just returned last week and having a blast. The game is great, the community is great.



  • AdamantineAdamantine NowhereMember UncommonPosts: 4,069

    I havent mentioned Skyrim at all, but TOR surely hit like a hammer.

    Halgar: 1-3 other people on when I checked during xmas

    Telon: Down to 60 people total during xmas, went up to 160 level 11-55 afterwards, thats really not much to work with.

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