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Aussie LF GW2 guild

Dekarx12Dekarx12 Member UncommonPosts: 380

Australian Sydney 25, looking for Aussie guild give me a shout out please :)



  • taylor2144taylor2144 Member Posts: 64

    Im looking for a Aussie Guild aswell, if anyones planning or making one

    Australian, 20, male   

    Looking for People that are just enjoyable to play with

  • JerkbagJerkbag Member UncommonPosts: 26

    Also looking :)


  • AnnarkeyAnnarkey Member Posts: 5

    If you haven't already, check out the thread for Resonance Australian/ NZ guild. We're only a few weeks old and up to 30 members with active forums and connected to a greater network of Alliance guilds.

  • Slyther_ZeroSlyther_Zero Member Posts: 127

    Be sure to check out SCA over at facebook guys. We're a MMO guild, currently playing WoW untill GW2 comes out. Was originally from GW1 as Natures Own and renamed in 2008 to Southern Cross Alliance.

    Add me on fb @ Rhyan Halliday. I'll be glad to talk amongst prospective members and get to know you all.


    Guild Requirements

    • Mature (over 18 only) - some exceptions.

    • Respectul

    • Ventrilo (SCA vent)

    • Not too serious about gaming..

    • and of course, Australian.




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