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a couple new daniel erickson interviews

The first one is a video interview by gamespot. be warned, the video is 1 hour long


the second one is a 4 page interview done by gamespy


a couple of the parts i found interesting:

Vette, the Sith Warrior companion character, who I wrote, was probably the one that I got to do the most serious writing with, for a long term, and really enjoy it. One of the issues with that really early was, we knew we wanted her to be a romance. There were a lot of people who really liked Mission Vao in the original game and were mad she wasn't a romance. Well, she was underage. So we gave the Twi'lek a romance, but she starts as a slave, and that made it very complicated to write something that was going to feel real. So that is a real late-bloomer romance.

It was an interesting one, to build a super-strong character that was going to be pretty guarded, but not in that overdone RPG "oh I'm so full of angst and I can't talk about it" way. That's funny, but when you flirt with Vette, she just doesn't get it. She's not stonewalling you. The concept that you're a Sith Lord of the entire empire and you're flirting with this street girl who got captured, she's just... "You're silly." It's a very interesting, frustrating place. You have to build a really long-term friendship with her and really gain the trust. And then you can start to see her. It was fun to get down and be able to write one thing for a long time like that. I had to do it on a lot of weekends.


GameSpy: One more thing that confused me, on Korriban with the guy who's doing the experiments on wild animals to prove they're expressions of the dark side. I was trying to take the dark side path, so I decided to go with the assistant and screw him over. And that ended up giving me light side points. I was very confused about that.

Daniel Erickson: Some of these, we literally diagram them as we're looking at them, trying to figure out the morality of it. So here's the thing. The dark side/light side path, it knows. It's the galaxy. Renning is insane. Nothing he's saying is true. His assistant is actually completely right. All he's doing is torturing things. He's a crazy sadist who's wasting millions and millions of the Empire's credits torturing things for fun. So shutting him down and discrediting him is actually the light side path. Right?


So, prequels: what do we notice watching Qui-Gon? It is not outside of the Jedi realms to lie, to cheat, to cheat at dice, to swindle people out of stuff. What, by the canon, the light side cares about is preservation of life. If there are people trapped in a burning building and they will not leave, and you threaten to beat the hell out of them if they don't go, to get them out of the burning building? Light side. Preservation of life. Always light side. Super dark side is you go get the brain and bring it back to him, and then you tell on her, and then he tortures her as well. That's how you get your double dark-side dip on that quest.


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