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What game was this?

LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 646

I need some help trying to identify what game this was I played a few years back.  I figure what better place to come than on here!


It was a top-down, 2d space sim/RPG.  If I remember right it was either in beta or had a free demo available that let you do quite a bit but not fully explore the game.


You could trade resources, upgrade ships and follow the story as you went from one port to the next.  The unique part about the game was that the story was actually worth following, but was pretty open to exploration.


Lets see, if I remember right, it was a seperate download, not browser based game.  The graphics were small but still rather sharp.  I had it about 6 or so years ago and even then I think it was somewhat old.


Any ideas??


  • VryheidVryheid Member Posts: 469

    Sounds a lot like Escape Velocity Nova, one of my all time favorite RPGs. Or maybe one of its prequels, though Nova was arguably the best.

  • LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 646

    Woooo!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!  That's it!

  • PyndaPynda Member UncommonPosts: 855

    Just for some trivia fun (and not to start a new thread), here's a toughie for you.

    The setting for <blank> was medieval Europe as the inhabitants thought the world was at the time. While the game in the towns and cities were modeled on actual life, Dragons, Kobalds, Giant Spiders, and witches existed in the hinterlands. In addition to adversaries, the players characters could affect events in the game by praying to saints or 'cast spells' by brewing up alchemical potions....

    All the cities that one's party could visit in <blank> were real places that existed in the Holy Roman Empire of the 15th century. Most were in modern-day Germany, but some were in other countries including Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland.

    And my last hint - we're talking about DOS and floppy disks here. So don't think about this one too hard if you don't know what those two things are.

  • ZaqirZaqir Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Its Darklands if I recall.

  • PyndaPynda Member UncommonPosts: 855

    Wow, that was quick Zaqir. You must be a genuine RPG hound! I'm impressed (unless you just Googled some sentences in my hint). But owing to your join date here, I'm inclined to give you the gold star.

    However, this did not stop GameSpot from adding Darklands to their list of "The Greatest Games of All Time".

    Todd Howard cited Darklands as an influence on Bethesda Softworks' series The Elder Scrolls.

  • ZaqirZaqir Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Nah I used to play it all the time in my teens. I mostly went around praying to saints and avoiding the Wild Hunt and never quite figured out what I was really doing back then.


    I would love the game again.

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