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Anonymous not so anonymous..ruhhh ohh Sony



  • LexinLexin Member UncommonPosts: 701

    Originally posted by warmaster670

    Originally posted by Scypheroth


    P.S XBOX FTW atleast we got a decent solid online server that is laggy and unstable as shit.

    lol, nice try.


    PS3>360, never had lag issues on my ps3, AND i dont have to pay to have access to it then still get ads shoved down my throat.

    Exactly never had any issue with lag or it being unstable. What Xbox 360 has ads?




  • miagisanmiagisan Member Posts: 5,156

    Originally posted by JayBirdz

    Anonymous are twits.  While I dislike SOPA,  I dislike Anonymous even more at this point.  Dumping innocent peoples information shouldn't be praised.  Doesn't the concept go completely against what Anonymous values.  "We're Anonymous! Though we don't mind dumping your info for the world to see and use!." 


    Look forward to seeing some more tools vanned.  Lulzsec thought they were invincible (Splinter group of Anonymous).  Majority of the key people have been picked up by the party wagons already.  Even Topiary who was on some no name remote island in the middle of no where.  Granted they haven't bagged Sabu yet. Kind of funny these guys think that their VPN's will keep them safe.  "Hello VPN company either give us what we want or you'll be charged too!" 


    my feelings exactly...i would almost rather live in a police state than a state of anarchy.


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