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WASD or ESDF controls?



  • KabaalKabaal Member UncommonPosts: 3,042

    Normally WASD but S is always rebound to an ability, no need to run backwards anyway. Games with lots that need keybound i often go ESF though.

  • VryheidVryheid Member Posts: 469

    The first FPS I've ever played was Marathon and even that used a WASD control scheme. It keeps your hands separated and is easy to place your fingers at without even looking at the keyboard. I don't know why anyone would use another format.

  • BogeBoge Member Posts: 182

    Originally posted by kadepsyson

    Originally posted by Plasmicredx

    I really doubt that there are "more ESDF keyboard users for games" like he said though. Especially with how the results are in under [thirty minutes] edit: scratch that, 1hr and 30 mins? But I guess I'll check the poll tomorrow out of curiosity.

    Well he said he's seeing more users of ESDF, not that there are more users of that than WASD.  For all we know that could mean he sees two users of it now instead of one :P

    Ha ha!  Yep, pretty much.  I'm just curious to what the ratio is.  Of course I know there will be more WASD users.

  • rendusrendus Member UncommonPosts: 329

    Originally posted by expresso

    Originally posted by therain93

    Originally posted by expresso

    I've been using cursor keys since forever.  Never did get the whole fuss about WASD

    Arrow keys or numpad arrows?  The former limits the number of keys you have access to, most notably the number keys across the top which were traditionally crucial for swapping out weapons in FPS' back in the day, before mmo's hit the scene.

    Cursor keys,  I  find I have easy access to RShift, RCtrl, Enter, Del, End, PgDn, Num0, Num1, Num4 ... plenty to get on with.

    Find my hands rests easier this way rather then being in a tense claw shape while playing.  You do need a big desk though as I push my keyboard all the way over to the left.

    Im FPS I map thus;

    • RCtrl = DuckProne

    • Num0= Jump

    • Enter = Use

    • Del, End, PgDn, = Weapons (some times useNum7 and Num4 should I need more)

    • RShift = SprintSpecial

    • Num1 = Melee

    • Anything else I map some to my Mouse buttons


    I use the same keys, with different functions.






    the rest depending on the game.

    WASD always felt confusing to me because of all the other keys in close proximity to the main direction keys.

  • imp0imp0 Member Posts: 54

    esdf sounds really gay

  • ClerigoClerigo Member UncommonPosts: 400

    For me it really depends on what game im playing.

    If the game allows macroed keybinds and there are alot of skills/spells that can be used/cast, then i use ESDF because it allows me to access more keys.

    If not, i use WASD mainly because i have long term relationships with some of the keys, like the left ctrl key for teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble and the Z key for any kind of emergency button, like "unleash da power" or "minimize that website you dont want your girl to see you on"...

  • BogeBoge Member Posts: 182

    When you have been playing a lot of games using WASD controls, do you find your fingers in the wrong positions when you try to just type something?

  • kashiegamerkashiegamer Member Posts: 263

    Lol. Thinking about it, I've been used to WASD controls loooong before I got comfortable typing. I'm wondering if my typing skill will be better  if I learned  to use ESDF controls and if I learned to type first before learning ESDF.

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  • JayremyJayremy Member Posts: 27

    Originally posted by Panther2103

    I've never even heard of a game using ESDF, didn't know people used it ever. It feels exactly the same to me when my hands are on both WASD and ESDF so honestly I just prefer to stick with WASD since I already am accustomed to my ventrilo push to talk key from that point.

    I thought about it and 'esdf' is better, I know I am used to wasd as many are and have done so for equal to or greater than the span of half of my life in gaming, being a hardcore computer gamer.


    ESDF is better because it is more centered on the keyboard giving you more access to keys to use via pinky or "ring finger". Also esdf fits the standard of proper typing techniques where your index fingers should be on F and J, wasd trains your muscle memory in the wrong way for standard typing techniques while using esdf, could probaby help gamers learn to speed type better.


    I still use WASD but I recommend new PC gamers and those not yet entirely having it ingrained in their minds to do WASD, that they do ESDF instead, it will be better for their typing skills

    Details can always change it's the idea that counts.

  • TheutusTheutus Member UncommonPosts: 636

    I use QPZM and do it with my toes.

  • karat76karat76 Member UncommonPosts: 1,000

    I just use arrow keys

  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    I feel like my fingers are always on WASD so i'll go with that. I was just looking at my hand and it was already on WASD. or maybe I DID THIS SUBCONSCIOUSLY! FML. I'll never know.

  • AkechtaAkechta Member Posts: 219

    Both feel the same to me... think I'll stick with WASD and QE for strafe. Just what I'm used to.

    I think that's what most games are set to on default which is why I'm used to it.

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