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Beta was great launch seems dull

I had high hopes for this game... but this game is another dud..

-leveling is way way too fast i met a person who got to 50 in a week and a half.

-Ships are only for solo missions that are on a rollercoaster rail like StarFox.

-In the end I hate to say this other than the storyline this game is basically a WoW clone with a Star Wars skin.

-I do not know what the devs did to this game, but I could run it at almost max in BETA, now I can barly run the game on my system. I can run Skyrim smoothly on my system and have it look better than this game.

I think I will save my time for another game like Diablo III when it comes out.

-Shroud of the Avatar
-Camelot Unchained
-World of Warcraft
-City of Heroes
-Star Wars Galaxies
-Saga of Ryzom
-Starcraft II
-Warcraft III
-Star Wars The Old Republic
-Vanguard Saga of Heroes


  • ctacconi21ctacconi21 Member Posts: 18

    bye o.

  • dreamsofwardreamsofwar Member Posts: 468

    Its only just launched, give it a year and this game will have fleshed out nicely, im looking forward to seeing what updates Bioware bring out in the future!

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