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Scarlet Legacy: New Content, Level Cap & More for 2012

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,127

The Scarlet Legacy is jumping into 2012 a bit early with the announcement that new content, quests, New Year's events and a level cap increase have been added to the game with the latest update.

With Scarlet Legacy's New Year's Celebration, players may visit the new Treasure Island NPC's to be sent to one of the most challenging maps ever created. With increased danger comes the opportunity for increased reward, so players will find it well worth it to visit the new zone every day for higher drop rates, currency and exp rewards and last but not least, some of the most rare and coveted items and crafting materials in the game. Players will also be able to help out New Year's Ambassador Yiyi located in the main town of Yang City. His shipment of fireworks has been stolen and only the most dedicated players who return daily will reap the rewards including special New Year's costumes, mounts and many other items.

Find out more on the Scarlet Legacy site.




  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Member UncommonPosts: 2,341

    Oh, you mean that engrish game that barely works, is chock full of mechanics that are never explained, and is a total ghost town?

    "Forums aren't for intelligent discussion; they're for blow-hards with unwavering opinions."

  • Chivalry1978Chivalry1978 Member Posts: 184

    Its a give me money or else your cant really play. game.....The player base is for crap and full of trolls who would rather be a pain in the ass but never helpful...

    The gms and devs have known about core problems to the mechanics, pvp, class inbalances, and pvp mini events all not working. Yet have yet to fix any of them and just demand more money to play. Every month they come out with a new level cap. It goes up 5 levels. And with this comes new gear and weapons pets and more bloated cash shop items. On average you will need to spend 200 every level cap to even be competitive in the game....Btw the cap is now 60 but the game has room to go up to 100. When the game goes to 100 I might come back play the game but this piece meal distribution they are doing is done for the soul purpose of sucking all the money out of players, and even "Even if players leave there will always be others to replace them so your concerns mean nothing" Gamescampus customer support operator.

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