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World of WarPlanes: Developers Answer Fan Questions

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

World of Warplane developers at Wargaming.net have posted the third part in their continuing series of "ask the developers" features. This time, the team took on thirty questions ranging on a variety of topics including mid-air collisions, whether or not view can be changed and much more.

6. Will the fight start with the planes in the air or will we have to take off from a runway, if we do have to take off from a runway will we are able to land again? either to get repairs or ammo ? WWII planes i believe never really had that much ammo on them.

Aircraft will be spawned in the air at the beginning of the battle. As an option, you will be able to land the aircraft at the end of the battle and successful landing will give you additional experience. Unsuccessful landing will break the plane and will cost repairing.

Read the rest of the Q&A on the World of WarPlanes site.



  • sakersaker Member UncommonPosts: 1,284

    sure you can get around the having to land with -gold-...

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Ok, I guess I have to try this one (even though WW1 dogfights were a lot more interesting).

    I hope they add some kind of custom paint job or at least that we can have the kill count on the plane...

  • CruizerkeCruizerke Member UncommonPosts: 68

    Considering how their other title, World Of Tanks is becoming less of an enjoyment to play, a bigger money sink as time goes on. I'm avoiding World Of Warplanes like the plague. I'd be embarassed to say how much real cash many folks I know along with myself have already dumped into WoT. Considering that Wargaming seems to become more money hungry as time goes by and has a deaf ear when it comes to the players concerns, only play if you have NO interest in the higher tier stuff. It's easy to get hooked and start forking out cash faster than you realize. World Of Warplanes is just another form of World Of Tanks.


  • StizzledStizzled Member RarePosts: 1,978

    Maybe it's because I was in the beta for well over a year and saw everything the game had to offer while getting free gold, but I don't see how anyone could get addicted to WoT. It was easy to see just how money hungry Wargaming were back in beta. Premiums, tank slots, crew training, free XP, money, ammo, to stay really competative in the higher tiers you needed to be spending gold on all of it. Now they've added even more stuff to spend gold on like tanks and skins. WoWP isn't going to be any different.


    @ Loke666: Don't hold your breath on custom paint jobs. WoT just recently got different skins that you can purchase for your tanks, very small selection and you can't edit them at all. Unless you pay gold for it the maximum amount of time that you can have the skin is 30 days. Of course all the skins are over-priced and cost exactly the same no matter what tank your putting it on. I imagine it will be the same for WoWP.

  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726

    Looking at the US tree, I don't grasp why the early planes,  like the F2F, F3F, F2A, p-23, Hawk 75m, or the p-36(the hawk 75m and the p-36 were essentially the same plane), none of which saw much if any use in the war.  The p-39 which was one of the featured pictures is not listed, nor is the p-47 thunderbolt which was a mainstay of the fighters early in the war.  None of the planes listed above were any good, some were downright pathetic.

    Then you get to jets, the Germans are going to take it in the ear as they only had early models.

    They should really stick to a short period of time, and jets should be relegated to fighting other jets.   When it comes to jets it will be US and Russia with everyone else on the outside looking in.

    Reading the question and answer I got  a laugh at the one about ramming.  Any plane ramming should result in two destroyed planes.

  • ComnitusComnitus Member Posts: 2,462

    Originally posted by Ozmodan

    Reading the question and answer I got  a laugh at the one about ramming.  Any plane ramming should result in two destroyed planes.

    What if my plane has 8gb of RAM, while yours only has 4?

    Interesting Q&A. I like the name; an obvious jab at a certain "World of" game in title only, but a totally different concept and one that can claim the "World" title because of the company's other product, World of Tanks. WoT? WoWP? What's next, WoWS (World of WarShips)?


  • StizzledStizzled Member RarePosts: 1,978

    Originally posted by Comnitus

    What's next, WoWS (World of WarShips)?

    http://worldofbattleships.com/  Already in the making.

  • Enok4TwunniEnok4Twunni Member Posts: 207

    I have to agree with cruise on this. I wanted to play this game so bad but the fact that WoT has become such a hassle for me to play is annoying. I have to pay for premium if I want to make money on my tanks now. I like the game, think the gameplay is fun. But the way they've set it up for those who have thick wallets has made it a negative fun factor for me. It's free to play, but for me to make any money, I'd have to grind for days upon days, and that's even with a tank that's a lower tier because just shooting a few shots in my tier 10 costs more than I can make with a win. If they can make the free part actually viable, I'll think about playing their other games. Hopefully they quit money grabbing and allow those of us that want to play for free have the opportunity to really compete with those that don't mind paying to play. If you disagree, play for a while without premium and tell me what you think. If they allowed us to freeze our premium or only charge us for game time, I'd play all the time. WoT is one of the only games that can really make my blood boil in a competitive way.

  • howardbhowardb Member Posts: 286

    I will probably hate this game just like I hate WoT. WoT could've been so good if only they tried to get a minimal amount of realism into the game. There's just so many ridicilous game mechanics that I'm truly appalled. Let me recap a few points of why I stopped playing:

    - In WoT tanks has hitpoints! Hitpoints! That's some serious retardedness right there. A tank has armor that you either penetrate or you don't, based on armor thickness, angles, armor quality and velocity of shell, hardness and type. Using hitpoints is just plain dumb and is a plain giveaway that it will be a stupid game.

    - There's just prototype tanks everywhere. It totally ruins immersion. Most of those prototype tanks never got further than a drawing table. Battles have extremely unrealistic orders of battle. The main bulk of each of the sides contains superheavy prototype tanks.

    - The sides contains a mish-mash of nationalities and timeframes. Your side can contain everything from PzkwIII, T-34, Sherman to a Crusader. Now that's an immersion killer to anyone who ever cared about the history of AFV's.

    - Handling of the tanks are stellar. It's like driving a sportscar on an autobahn. With proper slow handling you would get a lot more tense battles where you tried to flank the heavies. You have that today too but it's like a game of Need for Speed.

    There's just so much more I dislike about the game that I stopped playing after just a short period of time. The reason I played for as long as I did was because I'm really starved for a proper tank simulator. This is not that game however.

  • MagnumOutlawMagnumOutlaw Member Posts: 1

    I have been playing WoT now for a few weeks. My biggest tanks are an A-20 and the Hetzer. I have found it to be a lot more fun running the battles in my BT-2 as the battles seem more even and a lot less expensive. My biggest complaint is I have watched people shoot thru the map and kill tanks that they would never be able to see let alone hit. Another game a guy in a Marder II sat on his flag and scored 7 kills with out moving. Problem was he should never had made the kills as the mountains were in the way. Hacking is started to show its ugly head in this game. If it continues and if they continue to let it run rampant, this will be another deleted game just like Combat Arms. Its a shame people will pay 20 bucks a month to by hacks but would not pay a dime to support the game maker and help the gaming community.

    I came into this world with nothing and still have most of it!

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