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Whats happened to this game?

Dekarx12Dekarx12 Member UncommonPosts: 380

SO is this game still beta Testing or has it been abadoned? cause I've been looking into it looking for something different, I've recently taken up wonderland online on and off and as the anime style grahics and 2D isn't really my thing I love the battle system, takes me back to my FF days on the PS1, i knows theres others out there like Atlantica and so on, but this one stuck out to me and to my disappointment it isn't even on the IGG site... I looked at videos dating back like 2 years ago in Closed beta, so what happened? is there a link someone can show me to get the low down?






  • ArcheonusArcheonus Member Posts: 14

    I've been following this game for years as well, and I've seen nothing new so far on the Western front.  I know they did revamps and overhauls of the China version.


    That's it though.  sadface.

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  • lisaherelisahere Member Posts: 2

    They canceled the english version of it some time ago

    Sad really coz I did the beta test and so far its the best game I have ever played

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