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The New Age Gamer

kokotewakokotewa Member Posts: 16

After reading through the forums here and on swtor I feel like the population of quality players is gone. Perhaps they just don't bother posting anymore, ignoring the trolls and living with in the confines of their guild or niche group of players. I find it disappointing not only as a gamer but as a human being, the negativity the average western game forum posts has. They do raise good points when it comes to pointing out flaws in a video game, but that is all they seem to say. There is never an even balance of constructive feedback and encouragement. I find it sad especially when you see things like this:


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Anyways, I'm not going to change anything with this post. I don't even know why I am putting it up. I guess I know people will read it, but what is the point. It will just get ripped apart anyway.


What's the Purpose?


  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    I don't think violence really has anything to do with God, although I believe being religious does help. I really believe its how you are raised and who you hang out with. People are influenced by their friends around each ohter and that is the main cause of violence. If your friends are violent then why wouldn't you be. If your friends steal and get away with it, wouldn't you want to do the same?

    I never wanted or thought about going to grad school, but my friends who are 21-24 are either in grad school currently, or have the intention of going. I said to myself that once I'm done with school, that will be it for me, but my friends keep telling me my degree is worthless, and taht I need to go to grad school. Of course that pressure has made me reevaluate going to grad school, and I hope to one day go. I think its just peer pressure and trying to fit in with society. These are how my friends are, and thats why I also want to go to grad school. If none of my friends are in it, or want to go, I highly doubt I would too. 


  • psyclumpsyclum Member Posts: 792

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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,198

    Originally posted by kokotewa


    What's the Purpose?


    You do realize that there was a plethroa of violence all throughout humany's history?

    And that until recent time, humanity didn't seem to question the ideas of war and slavery and violence against our fellow man?

    It's a two steps forward one step back proposition.


  • konungsmaturkonungsmatur Member Posts: 4


    Well you might want to ask yourself why we are all spending our free time playing violent computer games.

    Unquestionably there must be some aspect of our nature that loves violence, murder and death. And whether we are satiating those dark desires through graphics on our computer screens or as these men have done, by actually going out and physically committing those very same acts, ultimately stems from the same genesis; the darkness that persists in the human soul.


  • KhaerosKhaeros Member Posts: 452

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  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    lets face it guys we al got our ruling stick by wich we compare the new kid on the block(mmo)

    some of us use wow as the base to mesure the value of game some use mw3 etc

    we ll stick to wow since i know a bit this game,they started low,the bar doesnt rise by much with each expension but add the years its been around and for any new game to compete they better have titanium argument cause anything less will fall the scrutiny test of pro gamer,check the incoming 64 bit in wow2 number that is it for the unknowing, it isnt much just 2 number but for thoase having raged for years at the 32 bit flaws even when they invested huge amount of money in 64 bit back in 2004 or 2005,going 64 bit is a mile stone in gaming not many perceive as such yet cause we cant imagine the applicability of it!want tesselation yep 64 bit is a must!it has so far reaching repercussion nobody know what will churn out of blizzard with this (perceived mode ,wich in fact is insanelly complex,why you think all game stuck to 32 bit on average)one thing is sure critism is here to stay cause player are used to x,y,z smoothness in there game of choice and when a new game come in and doesnt live to expctection(they rarelly do because of the overhypping)then you get forum full of views!

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